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Dear Overwatch players, stop being assholes

Overwatch fans are being big fat stupid babies, and I have had enough.

Earlier this summer, gaming giants Blizzard released their 6 v 6 class based shooter Overwatch. Overwatch is a multiplayer-only game that features team-based objective modes similar to that of Team Fortress 2.

The game features 22 unique playable characters, with each fulfilling a particular role in a team’s composition. Each character has unique abilities that, when used properly and with full cooperation from teammates, can completely turn the tide of the battle.

This makes for interesting and dynamic gameplay, ensuring that no match ends the same way. There’s nothing better than sneaking behind the enemies with Reaper, screaming “Die, die, die” as you spin in circles firing several shots from your dual shotgun pistols. Needless to say, Overwatch offers some of the most fun and exciting gameplay of any game so far in 2016.

While the gameplay is unmatched, there is one aspect of Overwatch that is not so appealing: the community.

overwatch rein

When players reach level 25 in Overwatch, they unlock competitive play. This is a game mode in which player skill is tracked over a period of 2 to 3 months. Players are assessed based on skill and ranked 1 through 100.

Playing in ranked matches offers exclusive rewards used to buy cosmetic upgrades for the various characters. This is a very cool game mode that allows the player to track his or her skill progression throughout the season, as well as gain some exclusive rewards.

However, competitive play in Overwatch seems to bring out the worst in the sore losers. The ranking system is designed to place you in matches that are as even as possible, making it difficult to gain higher ranks after rank has been established. Most people understand this mechanic, as it is a good way accurately measure skill, but there are plenty of people that blame everything but themselves for a loss.

If the hostility continues, I might just have to find more of bingo games.

overwatch tracer

There is no doubt that team composition is very important in Overwatch. You don’t want all attacking characters on a defense mission; you have to make sure you have a healer in all circumstances. But is having the perfect team composition worth giving up the fun of the game? No, not in my opinion. One of the coolest things I have done in Overwatch was sniping a Tracer mid-blink with a Hanzo arrow, but Hanzo is, for some reason, one of the most hated characters in the game. Every time someone picks Hanzo, there is someone on their team that will say something negative about it. Again, team composition is important, but not worth giving up the fun of the game.

This all may sound a little insignificant, but it can get very frustrating to hear nothing but abuse from your teammates based on your character choice. That being said, nobody likes the guy that picks Genji when your team needs a healer or a tank. What I am trying to say is, if you are the kind of person that needs to play competitive mode with the perfect team composition every time, go in with a group. There’s nothing wrong with trying to be the best and working hard for it. Issues arise when those hardcore players get mad and display their anger and blame losses on the casual players in their pickup game.

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