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Everything you need to know about Comparium’s automated website testing tool

In the current scenario, it is very difficult to find the best testing website software.

Image: Comparium

In the digital world, we can see people are visiting websites regularly for many purposes. These websites are attracting millions of visitors from all over the world but creating a successful website is a tough task. One needs to check whether the website is reliable and accessible without any error. So websites need to be tested before launching in the real world. Because of this problem, there are various website testing tools launched in the market one of them is Comparium.

What is Comparium?

Comparium is the Automated Testing tool for websites. Recently it has emerged and become popular because of its salient features. The website should be able to browse through various platforms. This online tool helps to test your website on many platforms in a single test.

This software not only saves time but also sees that website is working smoothly on multiple browsers like Google, Safari, Opera, or Mozilla Firefox. This tool checks that websites should be able to work on various desktop operating systems like WindowsmacOS, or Linux. It is one of the best Website Checker tool in the market at present. This app also helps in examining the quality and the standards of the website.

How To Use Comparium Tool To Test Your Website

This application can be used easily with limited technical knowledge. All you need to do is visit the website of Comparium. There on the home page enter the website URL in the space given for website testing. Now press the test button.

After a few seconds, the results will be disclosed on the second page with multiple screenshots displayed on it in the rows. The screenshots with error and unsupported structure will be highlighted. this can help you with working on those error pages.

comparium features
Image: Comparium

Features Of Comparium Tool

  • Web application

Earlier websites were tested manually which was a time taking process. Comparium is used for testing as it is an automated website application used for testing one can use this web application from anywhere at any time. No professional person or company required to test the website. Any user of the website can conduct website testing with basic internet knowledge. This is a reliable web application that saves not only time but also lots of money.

  • Support for multiple web browsers and versions 

The comparium web application gets updated from time to time and it is also upgraded to many versions. With the advancement of technology, many people are using various Web browsers. Some use internet browsers like safari and some are still using Firefox. This tool is functional and compatible with all different browsers. The different browsers also get upgraded with different versions similarly comparium is also upgraded to support all the different versions. Currently this web application is available for google chrome 74.0,75.0 and 73.0/internet Explorer 11 and 8.0/ Firefox 67.0 and 68.0 / safari 11.0 versions.

Image: Comparium
  • Support for multi-browser from different platforms 

This web application tool is used for multi-browser testing from various platforms. By selecting a Comparium application you can do flawless testing from multiple platforms. The website testing can be done from any operating system. It supports many operating systems like macOS, Linux, Windows 10 and seven, High Sierra, and many more.

  • Generate offline reports using emails 

To use this tool you required a genuine email ID. The tool generates the reports automatically and sends it to the registered email ID of the user. Earlier while testing the website manually people used to take a screenshot to test each page of the website. In this tool, the selenium (screenshot of the WebPages) are tested automatically. With the given email ID the captured screenshot and URL are shared with the user. With this tool, there is no need to wait for long hours to see the screenshots and to save them on the monitor. The tool within minutes of testing generates off-line reports and shares it with the user’s email ID.

Image: Comparium

Comparium Versions to Date

There are many versions available. Each is better than the earlier version.

1 Version 1.0

 It is supported for following OS

  • windows: 71,75/ Firefox 61,68/ Opera 57,58,IE10 11
  • Mac os: chrome 71,77/ Firefox 61,68, Opera 57, 58, Safari 12.0
  • Linux: Chrome 71,75 / Firefox 61,68, Opera 60,62

2 Version 1.5 

It is supported for different browser and it can rework on screenshot in a single click.

3 Version 2

It is supported with following upgraded features-

  • you can test the website on mobile devices
  • Markup and caption screenshots.
  • Share screenshots
  • Bulk testing of multiple URLs
  • support apple retina screenshots
  • Personal user ID 

4 Version 3

 It is supported with following upgraded features-

  • Download test results
  • works in low-speed connections
  • Saved history of screenshots.
  • Real-time testing on desktop

Benefits Of Comparium Tool

  • Use anytime and from anywhere 

This application works efficiently from anywhere anytime with or without an internet connection.

The results are found in minutes after the testing. The customer after getting the final website cannot wait to test it, these customers can use this smart application. 

  • Multiple screenshots 

The user after testing the website does not wait for hours to find the screenshots to test the results. By just using the comparium tool, you can view the live status of the test. You will get the live screenshots on your email IDs while the web test is taking place. This way you can find the result like whether the file of your website is getting opened on different browsers.

  • Screen capture URL

This reliable and impressive tool will test your website on different browsers like Firefox, Chrome, etc. and share the screen capture URL through the email ID. If there is an error, the website designer will make the changes and can use a tool again to test it from where they left it. 

  • Reliable 

This is a reliable website testing tool that is used by many people around the world. You can blindly trust this tool for any website for any browser on any version.

Final verdict 

In the current scenario, it is very difficult to find the best testing website software. There are so many companies providing testing website tools but very few are working successfully. This tool supports all the latest versions and can be purchased at affordable prices. It is within your budget as you do not require to hire any professional for this job. With this tool, you can get a compatible website. This is a powerful and reliable website testing application available in the market.

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