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GTA Online’s new features and how gaming is going VIP

grand theft auto 5

Many iconic titles have emerged in the world of video gaming through the years, but few have hit the heights enjoyed by Grand Theft Auto V.

The title was named the best-selling game of the last decade by NPD Group in January, while its web-based offshoot GTA Online is still going strong too. The performance of the latter has undoubtedly been boosted by a host of different updates and now reports have emerged that another special one is incoming.

A brand-new nightspot

Sites including GamesRadar have reported on how Rockstar is set to revamp some of the radio stations on offer in the game, while a brand-new nightspot is a new addition to the online environment.

Known as The Music Locker, the underground dance club will be located underneath the game’s famous Diamond Casino and is expected to feature performances by real-life DJs including Moodyman and Palm Trax. It will include some other interesting features too, as those who own a penthouse in the Diamond Casino will also be able to get access to a special VIP area within the club. Very little is known about the latter at this point, but it will be intriguing to see what it might entail.

The VIP area of the club certainly sounds like an intriguing addition, particularly as the idea in a way reflects wider trends seen across gaming in recent years. The concept of VIP perks for loyal gamers has been on the rise, with brands looking to such initiatives as they aim to entice and retain players. For example, such schemes have become popular in the world of online gambling, including on bingo sites. As Best New Bingo Sites explains, many brands now feature VIP promotions alongside other offers and bonuses. It adds how some take the form of loyalty points schemes, where players are awarded points for play and then redeem them for further bonuses on bingo or slots.

Another example of rewarding players for their loyalty in video gaming can be seen with the Xbox Game Pass. The service gives players access to a host of games, while they can also enjoy exclusive discounts and free perks for being a member. Loyalty is also rewarded in mobile gaming through services like Mistplay. The platform gives people the chance to earn loyalty rewards by playing titles from the likes of Scopely and King. It was recently named the fourth fastest-growing technology company in Canada and the 16th fastest in North America by Deloitte.

A major trend

So many trends have come and gone in the gaming industry through the years, but it is fair to say that VIP and loyalty elements are massive at the moment.

The Music Locker’s VIP area is just the latest in a long line of examples of this and it will be exciting to see what it has in-store in the coming months. The chances are that it will not be the last time that we see the gaming world embrace VIP and exclusive elements.

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