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How to stay safe when playing online games

It doesn’t matter where or what you choose to play. Always ensure that you take the right steps to keep yourself safe when playing online games.

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Internet games have become incredibly popular in recent years. For many players, it’s their opportunity to socialize with friends. Others enjoy the ease of access that comes with enjoying a purely online experience.

However, even though players flock to these games, many rarely understand the risks. Daniel Bennet, an online safety expert whose profile you can visit here, supports the concept of safe gaming. According to him, taking just a few extra precautions can protect you, whether you play MMORPGs or casino online slots.

Sometimes, even something as simple as awareness can protect you when you’re gaming. Below, we’ve gathered a few top tips on how you can stay safe while having fun online.

Don’t Use or Share Personal Information

Online games will have you create usernames and passwords when you register. Avoid using any of your personal information, such as your real name, location, or age. Social engineers, also known as “human hackers,” can use this information to manipulate you or others.

When it comes to joining online casinos, things are slightly different. You’ll be required to register with your real details and provide identifying information. However, this is part of safe online gambling laws and aims to prevent fraud.

It’s one of the few cases where it’s acceptable to give away such sensitive information. That said, make sure that you’re joining a reputable casino before you send your documentation.

Beware of Doxxing and Swatters

Online gaming has given hackers, social engineers, and even bored teens a platform to manipulate and threaten others easily.

Doxxing is the practice of finding and releasing your personal information against your will and used by everyone, from professional hackers to vengeful underage cyberbullies.

The worst of these online attacks is swatting. Once an individual has your address, they’ll call the local police and tell them there’s a dangerous event taking place where you live. Sometimes they’ll even spoof your number, making the situation more believable.

Unfortunately, since swatters claim high-risk events like hostage situations and murders are happening, swatting has resulted in deaths.

Cyberbullies and Blocking Players

Although cyberbullying might not seem as serious as doxxing or swatting, it’s still a danger to online gamers. Younger players and children are especially at risk.

These games are an excellent way for players to socialize, but interactions can quickly turn sour when a cyberbully enters the conversation. These players use foul or explicit language to make others uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, many underage players aren’t sure how to deal with this type of behavior and don’t block these bullies until it’s already too late. However, some will create new accounts to stalk and harass their victims continuously. As a result, blocking may be ineffective.

Don’t be afraid to block a player if they’re using bullying tactics or making you feel uncomfortable. If that doesn’t work, report the user. Online games will have this feature available, so don’t hesitate to use it.

Choose Mods and Cheats Carefully

Games are designed to be challenging, but players will always find ways to make them more accessible. For example, aimbots are a common type of cheat mod, while some gamers will use artificial lag switches to give themselves an unfair advantage.

You might find yourself tempted to download some of these mods or cheats, but it’s best to avoid them entirely. Hackers use the software to sneak malware and spyware onto your system, compromising your security.

If they don’t get you, one of the community vigilantes just might. Some players have grown so annoyed with cheaters that they’ve started to create false mods. Instead of giving you an advantage, you’ll find yourself hampered, blocked, killed, or even have your game files corrupted and deleted.

Instead, learn to play the game fairly and have a good time.

Invest in Endpoint Security and a VPN

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For any serious gamer, this is one of the most crucial online gaming safety tips. Endpoint security will protect various devices and can detect potential threats before they turn into full-blown attacks. You can use the software to optimize your firewalls and block hostile networks.

A VPN can add another layer of security. A virtual private network will hide your IP address and encrypt your connection, making it nearly impossible for hackers to discover your location or identity.

Ensure Privacy Settings Are Turned On

Of all our safe gaming tips, this might be the simplest one. Many online games will allow you to turn on privacy settings. You can control who can or can’t contact you and even hide your profile from others altogether.

If you don’t feel comfortable interacting outside of your friend circle or want to add an extra layer of security, ensure that your privacy settings are turned on.

Final Word

It doesn’t matter where or what you choose to play. Always ensure that you take the right steps to keep yourself safe when playing online games.

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