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iM Intelligent Mining (iM) announces solar-powered blockchain mining

The world’s first fully decentralized mining rigs are coming to the blockchain.

Image: iM

iM Intelligent Mining has launched the newest solution to mining problems – solar-powered mining. The company’s mission is to reduce electricity usage in cryptocurrency mining while increasing public awareness of its benefits. iMine is a blockchain-powered mining network that is autonomous and solar-powered. With its decentralized network of token holders, this mining company aims to push the envelope even further and start a paradigm shift in the industry.

iM is launching a new token that will give staking rewards and governance power to holders. The goal is to provide 100% energy needs for all blockchains and deploy a fleet of rigs into low-earth orbit. iM Intelligent Mining simplifies the process of mining bitcoins by taking care of all the initial startup costs and providing a steady stream of solar energy production.

As a token holder, you will retain a fraction of ownership in one of our autonomous mining farms. Your present value doesn’t depend on cryptocurrency prices, but you may see your future value rise as cryptocurrency prices increase. Each mined bitcoin will be used to buy from the iM token pool to increase their value and demand.

iM Intelligent Mining is the future of blockchain mining. With a graceful solution to the problems of world-wide power consumption, environmental damage, centralized block mining operations (51% attacks), blockchain scaling, and high barriers to entry for individuals with developing countries

Founder and CEO Daniel Elimelech states, “I started mining bitcoin at 8 dollars per day. It was pretty fascinating that you could potentially be part of the banking system and receive rewards, and anyone can be a part of that, literally any person that has access to the internet. Instead of having the machine at home with all the dust and heat and cables, you just hold the token and it’s like owning your own mining farm.”

Worldwide adoption of blockchain technology will result in free electricity for the vast majority of users and allow all individuals to have a hand in the development of energy production and blockchain-based economic institutions.

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