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Lose less at your favourite online casino with these apps 

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Online gambling is more popular than ever. With advances in web development and smartphone technology, online casinos are getting more sophisticated and accessible to players. The casino industry is booming and that’s not because people are winning.

Casinos, whether online or land-based, are built to make money. They do this predominantly by offering games that favor the house. In games like poker, in which players play against one another rather than the casino itself, the house charges a rake to make its money. If there is no overt charge to play a game, as is the case in almost every other game at a casino, the house will have an edge.

There are ways to lower this edge and an experienced gambler will know them inside and out. However, for those without thousands of hours at the felt behind them, there are a few great applications that can help substitute (in part) for those years of experience.

There used to be a host of apps featuring casinos offering no deposit bonuses. No deposit bonuses are the best way to reduce your potential losses as you are gambling with the casinos money. By giving you a chance to win with no investment of your own, they represent some of the most mathematically lucrative offers across the entire casino industry. Used in conjunction with the below apps, they could win you a small fortune. If none of these suite your needs, there are always opportunities over at W88.

Blackjack Strategy Practice

Unlike a lot of other games at the casino, you can actually be good at blackjack. That doesn’t mean you’ll consistently beat the house but it does mean that you will lose the absolute minimum to it on average.

For every dealer card and player card combination, there is an optimum move. Playing in any way other than the optimum “perfect strategy” will result in an increase in the house’s edge. For example, if you hold a five and a six versus the dealer’s six, you should always double your bet.

There are loads of guides and handy charts online detailing exactly how to play perfect strategy. However, it can be time-consuming to consult them in the heat of the action. It’s not hard to commit them to memory but you might need to spend hours practicing.

One app that you can use to help commit these strategy charts to memory is Blackjack Strategy Practice. This simple program simulates hands and lets you play them. It then assesses whether you played them according to the perfect strategy. Not only is it free but it’s endlessly customizable too. This is great for those that really need to work on a particular leak in their game. There’s also no advertising on it either.

Texas Hold ‘em Calculator

If you find yourself losing a bunch at online poker, maybe you need to brush up on your game without there being money involved. With a tool like Poker Calculator from Perun Labs you can do just that.

Poker calculators are fantastic both during a game and away from the table. Using your equity in the pot versus the size of the pot can change a fold into a mathematically profitable call.

Both advanced and newcomer poker players can learn a lot using a poker calculator. For example, new players can observe how quickly the equity of a monster like a pair of Aces depreciates with more players involved in the pot. For seasoned pros, a poker calculator can be used to analyze past sessions to determine whether the mathematically superior play was always made in the heat of the moment.

Money Manager Apps

A good time can quickly become a bad one if you lose too much when gambling. Once you’ve lost more than you can realistically afford to, it becomes all about making it back. With your judgment sufficiently clouded, you’re probably going to lose a whole lot more too.

Although it’s obviously not going to change the outcome of the game you’re playing, careful money management will make you more likely to know when it’s time to walk away. There are loads of money management applications on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

We particularly like Money Manager Expense Tracker. If you use it properly, entering all your incomings and outgoings, you will have a very clear picture of how much you have for leisure activities. If gambling is your leisure activity, you’ll know how much to take to the online casino.

Poker Bankroll Tracker is another great tool to help with bankroll management. For those players that use a desktop application, such as Hold ‘em Manager, data directly from the application can be input to produce reports on recent sessions. Poker Bankroll Tracker also has a poker calculator on it too. This handy application is ideal for any serious shark.

Gambling Therapy

The other applications on this list have been about when gambling is fun. However, if you really need to stop losing money because your pastime has become a problem, there are apps that can help you here too.

Gambling Therapy is an application by the gambling rehabilitation group, Gordon Moody Association. It works alongside traditional therapy to support those recovering from gambling addiction. There are quizzes, coping strategies, relaxation exercises, and loads of contact numbers for extra care. Such applications are obviously not going to stop a serious relapse but they can certainly help those already on the path to recovery.

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