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Current tech and mobile gambling – The perfect partnership

Partnerships have long been held between businesses, here we look at the technology and mobile gambling markets to see what helps them work together successfully.

mobile tech gambling

Today we stand on a precipice of technological nirvana. For years we have wandered in the digital wilderness with only a glimpse of the possibilities of where man’s ideas will lead him because as much as we are connected to our electronic devices in today’s world, we as a human species are not yet fully reliant on computers for absolutely everything.  Smartphones and tablets, however, have become firmly integrated into modern life, most things are made infinitely easy by using them and they offer a complete personal entertainment system while simultaneously keeping you connected to the rest of the world via social networks.

Alongside Apple, who recently released the new iPad Pro, one of the leading manufacturers of smartphone technology is Samsung, currently in the process of releasing their next installment from the Galaxy line of mobile phone devices, the S8. The Galaxy S8 incorporates Android 7.0 ‘Nougat’, an operating system Samsung hope will change digital interfaces and user interaction from this point going forward.  Nougat boasts a dedicated ‘VR Mode’ for a high-end Virtual Reality experience and utilizes the Vulkan™ API, producing ultra high definition 3D graphics which make for an extremely smooth yet highly detailed mobile gaming experience.

With the evolution of the technological age growing exponentially, it shouldn’t be a surprize that a billion-dollar industry like online casinos has been riding the wave right alongside it, utilizing available software and technology to deliver their product to mobile phone and tablet users, through mobile browsers or through the creation of dedicated mobile app services.  A smartphone like the Galaxy S8 or a tablet like the new iPad Pro would be able to deliver an online casino gaming experience like no other, allowing for players to experience 3D casino games, Virtual Reality Casino, and Live dealer casino in a way never possible on a hand held a device before.

Virtual Reality casino from SlotsMillion

Online casinos have made huge leaps forward in the past decade, with ventures to land based establishments left only for special occasions. Digitally speaking, millions of people are arriving through the virtual doors of the thousands of online casinos and online betting sites available on the market each day.  This is also in part to sites like Casino Online Canada, a good example of an online casino digital community.  Offering gaming news and casino reviews, strategy guides and free to play games such as blackjack, poker, roulette and slot machines, this type of site is a haven for mobile casino players, giving access to free versions of real online casino games made by software giants Net Entertainment and Playtech.  They are also a portal to the world of Virtual Reality Casino, promoting sites that offer the latest futuristic online gambling experiences for players to enjoy.

To meet the demands of mobile players, these days both casino and game developers utilize all forms of software to deliver a first class entertainment experience. Software such as HTML5 (which helps with things like the Geolocation API, animations, offline web app support, and web storage) plays a pivotal role in the function for all major mobile devices across the globe.  As it also gives partial help to extended video content and audio support, HTML5 is utilized in all the latest online casino game releases from major software houses. Online casinos now work hand in hand with developers, requesting bespoke online infrastructures to meet their digital needs and that of the client. The online platform itself can then function as a casino and has integrated management systems throughout to support the number of clients and participants.  To think, that despite the growth of two industries the reality is the mechanics are getting smaller, where even games alone can be an exclusive asset.

Mobile slot game using HTML5 from Net Entertainment

There’s no doubt that players love mobile casino games, 60% of the market share has shifted that way since the introduction of HTML5 in online casino gaming. The pressure for developers and operators to deliver is huge, with greater emphasis being put on delivering a superior gaming experience. The demands of virtual reality based gambling and live dealer casino gaming on mobile mean that they have no option but to invest heavily in future tech, luckily manufacturers like Samsung and Apple keep building more powerful hand held devices. This will allow mobile game developers to really flourish, so it will be interesting to see where we are in 10 years.

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