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Must-have web development tools

With the amount of web development tools growing almost constantly, it may often seem overwhelming to find the right applications for having the job done.

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In only a few short years, web development services have come a long way. Thanks to this development, we will exploit the strength of widely developed repositories to enhance our workflow and take advantage of higher capacity when it comes to a responsive layout. Not just this, due to ever-evolving version management systems, we can create projects together.

From application add-ons and extensions to processors streamlining the coding, there have never been more ways to build cool web applications.

Yet with the amount of web dev resources growing almost constantly, it may often seem overwhelming to find the right applications for having the job done. To help you out, we have built a collection of essential resources to get you started with web creation.

Visual Studio Code

One of the most common methods used for computer editing is the visual studio code. It is Microsoft’s free, open-source platform, which has the collection of numerous smart functionality. This platform is really useful as it can be used by programmers anytime, every time. Additionally, it is easy to modify and make improvements, allowing the use of large device choices.

Key Features:

  • Extensions such as the use of APIs and README are available.
  • Fast to differentiate between various categories of files using the file icon IntelliSense.
  • Multiline search is feasible when developers can scan through numerous directories.
  • There is a collapse of the irritating stack frames choice, which helps to provide clear visibility of the code.
  • Mojave Dark Mode support option for macOS, with full-screen display access.


NPM refers to an online repository Node Package Manager. The platform immediately releases proposals from the open-source server. In comparison, such devices may work with a single command line if the necessary package is accessible. Tagged as the most prominent app repository in the world, NPM comprises of three components — the Command Line Interface (CLI), Website, and the Registry.

Key Features:

  • Using standalone software 
  • Limit any of the codes for other developers 
  • You could exchange the NPM code with other NPM users 
  • Thousands of options to address every problem 
  • Build an Orgs forum (organizations) and review codes 
  • Multi-version code maintenance 
  • After the underline code has been changed, you may upgrade the apps randomly.


GitHub is a platform that Microsoft recently acquired in 2018. This method lets multiple developers and programmers collaborate on a design together. They will swap suggestions and fix glitches, as well as host various open-source initiatives.

Key features:

  • Repository URL shortener
  • WebFlow integration via GitHub’s web interface
  • Quickly dragging and dropping of Gist Code
  • Emoji
  • 3D Rendering
  • Finding a file by quickly navigating
  • CLI (Command Line Interface)


TypeScript is an open-source software framework that is among the most common programming platform at the front end, which has around 32,000 resources included, which saves a programmer’s existence by quickly installing JS libraries. TypeScript finally released the new update in the last month and called it TypeScript 3.2.

Key Features 

  • Models Intersections 
  • Latest BigInt Functionality 
  • Optical Static Typing 
  • It will overwrite new property 
  • Generics supporting operators such as “spreads.”
  • Mock-up spreads behavior 
  • Tight binding check alternative and apply

Chrome Developer Tools

Chrome Developer Tools is the popular creation and debugging application for developers that use it. A new iteration of Chrome DevTools (Chrome72) has just been released.

Key Features:

  • Inside the DOM Tree alternative, you can copy the JS path to the DOM node.
  • Now you can highlight the Text Nodes in the DOM List.
  • A Visualize performance metrics alternative is available in the performance panel.
  • The Design Tab lets you inspect and change CSS variables
  • Found audit of the JavaScript libraries is now available in version 3.2, which lists the JS libraries found on the website.


CodePen is a motivation resource that encourages you of the speedier and simpler cycle of growth. This provides the social learning atmosphere in which you can design test cases and discover sparks from the experience of others. You can also get reviews for your work via this new resource for the creation of your front-end website. 

Key Features: 

  • Test prospective applicants to recruit 
  • Fresh concepts for projects
  • Live updates can be displayed and synchronized 
  • You can use the components in the future as per your preference 
  • Minimize efforts to attach ties and test pages 
  • Show-off your development progress

Every year the level of innovation in the room for web growth accelerates. Five or ten years earlier, it appeared unlikely for us to develop such reliable and useful web apps as we do in 2020 — like AirBnB, Facebook, Netflix, or Spotify. Get professional web development services that will support you in your industry.

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