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Chris Smith

Chris has been blogging since the early days of the internet. He primarily focuses on topics related to tech, business, marketing, and pretty much anything else that revolves around tech. When he's not writing, you can find him noodling around on a guitar or cooking up a mean storm for friends and family.

Stories By Chris Smith

  • Laravel developer in front of a computer Laravel developer in front of a computer

    What is A/B testing?

    A/B testing is a precise tool for website optimization. Running an A/B test can positively affect your site or app.

  • digital bitcoin image digital bitcoin image

    Proof-of-stake: What does it mean in Bitcoin?

    The proof-of-stake is a validating mechanism just like the PoW that blockchains use.

  • samsung logo blurred background samsung logo blurred background

    Upcoming Samsung mobile phones launching in 2023

    These Samsung smartphones will thrill you with their all-around performance.

  • Bitcoin with gold nuggets Bitcoin with gold nuggets

    How people create Bitcoin

    Bitcoin mining is a process that validates and verifies transactions to the blockchain and, is also a way people can use...

  • crypto charts on smartphone crypto charts on smartphone

    How to protect Bitcoin against hacks and theft

    Knowing how to store your Bitcoin safely minimizes the loss of your funds and boosts your investment prosperity.

  • whatsapp desktop calling whatsapp desktop calling

    5 best webcam face filter apps for streaming

    Webcam face filters apps are thriving, so here's our detailed comparison of market-leading products with their benefits, drawbacks, and ready-made features.

  • UltFone iOS Location Changer UltFone iOS Location Changer

    Best tricks to fake location on Find My Friends on iOS 16 (updated)

    Fake location on Find My Friends on iOS 16 [without jailbreak]

  • mobile banking mobile banking

    What are the pros of opening an account for business?

    Opening a business account in the modern world is much different than it used to be.

  • how to buy bitcoin how to buy bitcoin

    Bitcoin: Job destroyer or job creator?

    One thing is sure: it's a disruptive force here to stay.

  • 5 Best sites to buy Twitter followers (real & safe) 5 Best sites to buy Twitter followers (real & safe)

    5 best sites to buy Twitter followers (real & safe)

    If you're looking for a way to give a boost to your presence on Twitter, purchasing followers is a quick and...

  • web development web development

    Emulators vs. simulators vs. real devices: key difference in 3 minutes

    Both virtual and real devices have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, for the highest quality testing, it is better to use...

  • chronfi spending app chronfi spending app

    This app helps users make better spending decisions

    Behavioral coaching for personal finance teaches you to make mindful spending decisions for a secure future.

  • mining mining

    Rising trends of Bitcoin mining in the United Kingdom

    Low electricity costs and the government's encouragement led to increased bitcoin mining in the UK.

  • Rising trend of Bitcoin trading in Italy

    Italy now allows bitcoin trading on regulated exchanges and it promotes legitimization.

  • nft dropclock nft dropclock

    Authentic learning strategies for earning profit with NFTs trading

    NFT trading is a new investment opportunity with great profit potential. Learn the risks before investing.

  • bitcoin cryptocurrency on table bitcoin cryptocurrency on table

    Impacts of bitcoin trading on the World’s economy

    Increasing the use of cryptocurrency could affect global trading, inflation, stock market volatility, and so on.

  • back market refurbed phones back market refurbed phones

    The rise of refurbished tech

    If you are interested in buying a refurbished device, then you need to consider all of these things, as well as...

  • cronos cronos

    Cronos fundamentals: meet the ecosystem behind the token

    Following the new push into the Metaverse, it will be interesting to see how Cronos will affect the current status quo.

  • illustration of a person sitting on a pile of bitcoins illustration of a person sitting on a pile of bitcoins

    Bitcoin and the current market challenges

    Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies operate in an unregulated market, with several unforeseen risks. Find out the current market challenges.

  • bitcoin crypto theft how to protect yourself bitcoin crypto theft how to protect yourself

    Tips for protecting yourself from Bitcoin scammers

    The increasing adoption and usage of Bitcoin has attracted numerous bad actors, targeting unsuspecting users. Here’s how to protect yourself from...

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