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How people create Bitcoin

Bitcoin mining is a process that validates and verifies transactions to the blockchain and, is also a way people can use to create Bitcoins.

Bitcoin with gold nuggets
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People use Bitcoin as a digital currency or a medium of exchange while purchasing a product or service. Today, several merchants accept payments in the form of this digital money.

Additionally, this digital asset is an investment tool capable of making huge returns and a store of value.

Satoshi Nakamoto created a currency independent of central regulations meaning that Bitcoin is entirely decentralized.

No government or financial institution, including banks, can regulate or ban this digital money’s transactions.

If one cannot afford to mine this virtual currency, one can decide to buy Bitcoin using a Bitcoin exchange platform like Crypto Genius.

Therefore, these digital money transactions do not require a third party to verify transactions since transactions occur in a peer-to-peer system. 

Since this digital asset’s introduction to the public, it has become the most popular and traded cryptocurrency globally.

The popularity of this virtual asset has inspired the growth of the cryptocurrency market, with more and more digital coins emerging.

 How to mine Bitcoin

Bitcoin in mining
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Mining this virtual asset is another way that Bitcoin users use to get new Bitcoins. Mining is also a way that the Bitcoin network confirms transactions.

These digital money transactions are always verified using blockchain technology, a public distributed ledger. Therefore, mining is an essential component of blockchain technology.

The mining process requires expensive hardware and consumes a lot of energy resulting in high electricity bills.

What’s more, mining involves solving very complex mathematical equations, and if solved successfully, the system rewards miners with new Bitcoins. 

Despite being too costly, mining is rewarding and is the only way of releasing new Bitcoins into circulation. In other words, if miners did not exist, the Bitcoin network would still exist but wouldn’t have new Bitcoins.

In the early days, the Bitcoin mining reward was 50 digital coins.

The awards decreased since this virtual currency goes through a process known as halving, which takes place after four years, dividing the prize into two after miners generate 210,000 Bitcoins. 

Today, over 1 million Bitcoin miners compete in verifying transactions to get a share of this virtual currency.

Bitcoin in dirt
Image: Unsplash

As more miners join this virtual asset network, solving complex mathematical equations also becomes more challenging, requiring much computational energy.

Eventually, mining this electronic asset becomes more difficult and expensive, making it hard to mine alone. When Satoshi introduced this electronic money, it was possible to mine it using a personal computer.

Nevertheless, mining pools dominate when it comes to creating Bitcoin mining nowadays.

Mining pools comprise many individuals who combine their computing power when mining and eventually divide the rewards equally based on the amount of computing power each person contributed.

There are also substantial mining farms with thousands of machines for mining this digital currency. 

How to purchase Bitcoin

mastercard on smartphone with cryptocurrency behind it
Image: KnowTechie

However, not everyone has the same financial ability to purchase a whole Bitcoin.

Therefore, some people prefer purchasing a unit of this digital currency. There are many online exchanges, and finding a genuine one can be challenging.

However, one has to conduct detailed and thorough research to find a crypto exchange that allows one to buy Bitcoin using conventional currencies.

A good and reliable crypto exchange should offer excellent security and not charge very hefty fees.

The bottom line

Bitcoin mining is a vital process that helps validate and verify new transactions to the blockchain and helps prevent double-spending. It’s also a way people can use to create new Bitcoins.

Nevertheless, Bitcoin mining is energy-intensive and requires skills. Therefore, new Bitcoin miners must be ready to invest significant money and efforts to earn from the mining process. 

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