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New trends emerging in the casino slots industry

As you will see, the online casino industry isn’t lagging behind in any way. There are constantly new things coming out.

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The casino industry stood still for a long time. In regards to slots, there weren’t that many changes or new things. However, it was apparent that the number of players has diminished over time. This was the trend until slots and casinos moved online.

Online casinos brought a lot of new things to players. This impacted some significant shifts in the casino slots industry. In fact, the growing number of new slots, varieties, different play styles, themes, and overall innovation has brought in a lot of new players.

Ultimately, the online slots industry became larger than traditional casinos that haven’t offered anything new in ages. Here are some of the current trends that are popping out in this industry.

Coronavirus Pandemic Strikes Hard

The global casino industry has taken a massive hit with the coronavirus. All industries have been affected by this pandemic and casinos aren’t immune. In fact, the casino slots industry has suffered a lot. Traditional casinos have been shut down completely in many countries around the world.

This means that they haven’t had a single player enter their premises. Even after the government regulations have loosened and allowed casinos to operate, the number of players has declined seriously compared to before the pandemic.

Physical locations are declining across the board in countries all over the world. In some cases, it’s due to measures to contain the virus. In other cases, people simply don’t want to go to crowded rooms where they might catch the virus from someone else.

The Number of Online Players is Growing

While physical casinos are struggling yet again, online casinos are getting more players than ever. People are spending more time in their homes, and they have the time to play their favorite games. At the same time, players that liked going to casinos have switched to online options.

A report by Optimove says that online casinos have 43% more Poker players on a daily basis since the pandemic has started. But this is just one game.

In reality, online casinos have seen a gradual increase in players but this further shows how strong the online casino industry is. At the same time, online casinos like Caesars Slots report a rapid growth of first-time players.

Blockchain in Casinos

One of the reasons why online casinos have beaten traditional brick-and-mortar casinos is the industry’s constant effort for growth and innovation. Luckily, these digital transformations haven’t stopped even during the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the latest trends in the industry is the implementation of blockchain technology in online casinos. Online casinos can move their financial documents to blockchain ledgers that can be accessed by their partners or people working for the casino.

This makes their finance management a lot easier. At the same time, blockchain guarantees security and stable transactions. Also, casinos are starting to use blockchain smart contracts to verify transactions and make every player’s account transparent.

In the end, casinos adopt blockchain to allow players to pay with and withdraw digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and so on. Additionally, pay by mobile casinos is another option too.

Augmented Reality

AR is quickly becoming mainstream technology. It’s been widely adopted for video games, and now it’s entering the casino games industry. This technology has the potential to make casino games even more exciting and realistic. AR will bring that immersiveness to online casino players.

Simply put, it has the potential to bring all of the benefits of the traditional casino experience into online casinos. For example, when playing games like bingo, players will be able to see each other, communicate, and feel like they are sitting with each other.

All of this from the comfort of their home! At the same time, the implementation of this technology will probably bring new and innovative casino games with better graphics, animations, effects, and a unique playing style.

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Virtual Reality

Even though online casinos have only been around for two decades, they are constantly innovating and introducing new features. Virtual reality is a brand new technology that’s only starting to find its way in various industries. Even so, there are already a couple of online casinos that have VR games.

However, as more players start getting VR headsets, the amount of VR support casinos offer will also grow exponentially. This gives the potential for creative casino settings, a themed atmosphere, and fun gaming experiences.


As you can see, the online casino industry isn’t lagging behind in any way. There are constantly new things coming out. This is why so many players around the globe enjoy these games. We can’t wait and see how the industry will look in the next five years.

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