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Technological innovation at Canadian casinos

Technological Innovation is transforming online Canadian casinos in many ways that make them better.

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There’s no question that technological innovation has had a significant impact on online gaming. Companies around the world that specialize in digital technology are constantly striving to release new casino innovations.  The fact that the technology business is booming is a good thing according to the Canadian Gaming Association who regularly releases data on the economic benefits of the Canadian Gaming Industry.

But what improvements have there been for Canadian players and player experience? We can look at certain aspects of online casinos such as table games, deposits, and mobile functionality, to try and understand the benefits. 

Improved Technology and Deposits

The most important part of online gaming for most Canadian players is making a deposit. There are many things to consider when making deposits. Important factors include the size of the deposit, the methods available, and the safety and security of the transaction. Better technology in the industry improves the effectiveness of every one of these factors.  

Improvements in technology have allowed online casinos to offer players a wider spectrum when it comes to deposits. In the past, casinos might have had a minimum requirement in place that was quite high. This meant that players could only gamble online if they were willing to make a large minimum deposit. Innovations in the last few years have made it possible for us to make online transactions as low as $1. The effect is that a huge number of online casinos now offer very low minimum deposits, which has the following benefits:

  • Players who do not want to make a large deposit are now able to game online
  • New players are able to try gaming with low risk
  • Easier for players to manage their gambling expenditure

Due to the popularity of low deposits, there has been a surge in the volume of online casinos in Canada that offer $5 minimum deposits. Players are finding it increasingly difficult to decide which casino to play at. To make it easier, we have evaluated the casinos on this website to ensure that they are the best. The $5 minimum deposit casino Canada review page explains the aspects of the low-deposit casinos in detail and gives recommendations for the best casinos. 

Mobile Gaming and Internet Services 

Advancements in iOS and Android operating systems, as well as high-speed 4G and 5G technology has created a bigger demand for online gaming in Canada. Mobile phones were not always able to run online casino websites. There was a time when players who wanted to gamble online had to play on their desktop PCs or laptops. HTML5 technology along with the development of the iOS and Android operating systems has come a long way since then. The effect is that people who prefer using their mobile phones are now opting to play online casinos. The latest smartphone data released by Statista estimates that there are currently around 31.4 smartphone users in Canada.  

The quality of the games that can be played on mobile devices has also improved at a rapid speed. The time it took for mobile devices to adopt the latest trend, Live Casino games, was light years faster than it took to adopt online gaming in general. Industry-leading software providers such as Play’n GO, Red Tiger, and Playtech have adopted a mobile-first approach. This means that most of the games they release will be compatible with mobile operating systems straight off the bat. 

The development of wireless technology has led to loads of improvements at Canadian casinos. Better internet speeds and more stable connections allow casinos to offer advanced games with a more immersive experience, even on mobile devices. It also means that players are able to enjoy relaxed gaming sessions without the frustration of lag. This has huge implications in the realm of live-dealer games. While Canadian players seem to prefer slots, there has been a surge in the number of players opting for table games in recent years. Luckily, software developers like Evolution Gaming work hard to bring state-of-the-art live-dealer games to our mobile devices. 

Stable Payment Methods

Technology is rapidly increasing the number of reliable payment methods available to players. There are more options than ever before for making deposits and withdrawals. Most importantly, the methods are more secure than they were in the past. This has resulted in more Canadians becoming comfortable with gaming online for real money. Most methods are user-friendly and provide players with a hassle-free experience. Some of the most popular methods include credit cards, e-wallets, and digital currencies. 

One of the e-wallets that has seen a phenomenal rise in popularity is ecoPayz. This is probably due to the low fees, speedy technology, and the fact that it is free to use. The vast number of online casinos offering ecoPayz makes it almost impossible for a player to choose where to play. At Leaflet Casino we have constructed a list of the best online casinos that offer ecoPayz to Canadian players. Each casino has been reviewed to ensure its legitimacy. 


Technological Innovation is transforming online Canadian casinos in many ways that make them better. Improvements have allowed players a wider range of secure payment options, deposit values, and game choices. All these factors increase the audience for online gaming in Canada by making the casinos more accessible to a larger group of players. We can expect to see continued improvements and more exciting developments in the future. 

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