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The 5 best online casino games of 2019 

Which games did players flock back to again and again?

Image: NetEnt

2019 was a big year for the online casino industry, one that could arguably be said to have set the tone for the new decade ahead. More advancements in live casino, some big branded slot releases and continued interest in VR characterized the industry in 2019. But these areas also hinted at a period of transition for the gaming industry, which is increasingly challenged by popular trends like eSports. 

Regardless, online gaming is growing globally. But what are the games that helped fuel this growth? Which games did players flock back to again and again? Below we discuss the best, most popular and most important casino game releases of 2019: 

Narcos Video Slot – NetEnt

Branded slot games are nothing new, of course, and we can cite hundreds of examples of casino games based on movies, tv shows and other parts of pop culture. However, the way NetEnt went about launching Narcos was really something spectacular. You can view the end result at, but as you can guess from the title, Narcos is based on the hit television Netflix series of the same name. NetEnt pulled out all the stops, with interviews with the game’s actors and trailers like a Hollywood movie. The finished product is excellent, and arguably one of the best games of the year. 

Guardians of the Abyss – Playtech 

Potentially one of the most important games of the decade. Guardians of the Abyss forms one of four titles, all coming under the banner of Kingdoms Rise banner. The games are all interconnected, sharing a fantasy world not unlike that seen in World of Warcraft or Game of Thrones. That’s revolutionary stuff, but we especially like the fact that each game has its own identity and special features. It was a tough pick between Guardians of the Abyss and Reign of Ice as the best of the series, but we have plumped for the former due to some better gameplay features. 

Ozzy Osbourne Video Slots – NetEnt

What’s Ozzy Osbourne up to these days? Well, the former Black Sabbath frontman, reality television star and all-round rock legend is fronting his own casino game. As you can imagine, the music features pretty heavily in this game (it’s officially licensed), but there is a lot in the way of innovative ways to win cash. Ozzy Osbourne is not the first ‘metal slot’ machine, and there are some great ones like Guns N’ Roses slot and Motorhead slot. But what we like here is the balance struck between celebrating the music and created a casino game with exciting features and payouts. 

All Bets Blackjack – Playtech 

One thing you must understand about modern online casino slots is that many games offer the chance to win massive prizes – millions of dollars – for a small bet. So, how to classic games like blackjack and roulette fit in when the biggest prize in a standard game is ‘only’ several times your stake? Well, one solution is to add big jackpots to classic games – like Age of the Gods Roulette. However, we have really enjoyed All Bets Blackjack, which allows players to place lots of different side bets in search of big prizes. The game can be played in live and virtual formats. Great news for fans of the classics. 

Break Away Deluxe – Microgaming

If you want evidence to show that casino games can become popular and have a following in the same way as movies and video games, then look no further than Break Away – a classic slot released by Microgaming several years ago. With Break Away Deluxe, Microgaming has effectively rebooted the format for a modern audience. Just as with a rebooted movie like Jumanji, Break Away Deluxe has all the elements that made the original popular, and a few nice twists for our times. 

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