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The Elder Scrolls Blackwood: Everything you need to know

Read on to find out everything new about Elder Scrolls Blackwood online.

elder scrolls blackwood
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The Elder Scrolls has been loved and has had a massive fan base since the first day it was released. The upcoming expansion, Blackwood, has been hyped up as one of the best expansions yet. 

The expansion was just recently released for PC and Mac, and will be released on Xbox and Playstation in the coming days. It is being anticipated with the same excitement we reserve for our collection of best new games to play. This is what you need to know about the next chapter in the Elder Scrolls Online saga. 

Where is Blackwood?

The 5th chapter of the Elder Scrolls Online saga takes place in Blackwood. Blackwood is found between the Cyrodilic City of Leyawiin and the Black Marsh city of Gideon. Players may be familiar with this area if they have done some exploring before. 

Considering it is basically a large, swampy area, a whole lot more of it has been added and therefore even if you have been here before, there is now a whole lot more to discover. 

What to Expect

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The most important question, obviously, is what you can expect from this new chapter. The first thing is who are the inhabitants of Blackwood? While it is surrounded by Khajiit and Argonians, Daedra plague the area and its surrounds, and they are the main enemy for this chapter of the game. 

The new chapter contains 30 hours of gameplay. This obviously means a tonne of new side quests, as well as the main storyline for the chapter. That main story is the fact that players will have to face off against the Prince of Destruction, Mehrunes Dagon, as he looks to finish Blackwood and the whole of Tamriel

While the story is as exciting as other chapters in the game, there have also been a number of mechanical updates made, namely, the fact that players will now receive bonuses if they are wearing multiple pieces of gear from the same set, much like how Assassin’s Creed does this. 

Companions have also been added, but with their own unique system. There will be two companions available to players, and a Rapport system will be introduced. Each companion also has their own personality, and their own list of likes and dislikes. 

Do something your companion likes, the Rapport metre will go up, do something they dislike and it goes down. Leveling up your Rapport metre opens up companion side missions and bonuses. They also have their own skills and powers that players can use to their advantage. 

This also allows for players to have the ability to not have to play by themselves, as well as making it easier for two players to take on a four-player challenge, as long as they have their companions with them. This allows for more gameplay and for players to enjoy more parts of the game that they maybe couldn’t before. 

There is also more looting to do, as well as new additions to the gear and equipment categories to improve your character. There is actually a lot of new content added to the game, and 30 hours of new content actually sounds like an underestimation once you start playing and see what has been added. 

How does Blackwood Impact ESO?

This release shows a shift in how future expansions will be launched. The new companion system is obviously only going to grow, and if this rendition of it goes smoothly, it will be really exciting to see where the developers can take it. 

There is also a new champions’ point system. It will be confusing to players at first, but it is fairly simple to work out. Also, for all the max-level players out there, the ceiling has been raised again, with the max level now sitting at a huge 3600.

What makes this chapter more exciting, is when it is set. Blackwood actually takes place 800 years before Oblivion, meaning that no matter what you know about the game now, you have to play it to find out all the details and events lurking within the chapter. 

Even if you are someone who has played Oblivion, you aren’t going to know what happens in Blackwood. This will also allow for some really cool easter eggs, as you will be able to see how your actions in Blackwood affect the timeline in Oblivion

What’s Next?

The developers of the game have made it very clear that there are still many stories left to tell in the Elder Scrolls universe. Many might think that doing a sort of prequel, which Blackwood can be seen as, is some sort of sign that they are running out of ideas, this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

What fans can expect though, is another massive, beautifully crafted expansion that has everything that has made the Elder Scrolls Online universe so exciting and fun to play. 

If you are new to the series, you should definitely jump into it with this release, and if you are a returning player, look forward to more of what makes Elder Scrolls Online the incredible game it is known for. 

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