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The future of casinos

From education to entertainment, technology revolutionizes everything that it touches. It has pushed the world into a digital transformation, where everything is transitioning into the virtual world. The transformation is not just restricted to online shopping and online businesses but also extends to the gaming sector, giving rise to the concept of iGaming.

With people confined at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, the IT sector has boomed, and so has the iGaming industry. The concept of iGaming revolves around the idea of betting on the result of an online game or an event such as online casinos, sports betting, poker, and many more. Although there are various online gaming activities that have large sums of market share, online casinos reign and stays prominent amongst all. Over the years, online gambling sites have increased in number and create good competition, but there is one that has established itself in this field, BigTimegamingfreeplay.

Founded in 2017 by Nigel Hall, the BigTimegamingfreeplay, aims to make this website a go-to platform for all information associated with Big Time Gaming and Megaways. As a young adult, Nigel has extensive knowledge by playing all of the games. He had a profound experience on how each game worked, how a good slot was made. Having such vast information about so many games, Nigel decided to write useful reviews that would guide a newbie on how these games operated and what views and opinions he had held for the game.

Nigel did not want to limit his resources to only a game reviewing website but instead added some free games for the users to play so that they could form their own understandings of the game and choose what suited them before they could gamble.

Reviews to the Rescue

As more and more businesses have turned online, the need to know about its reliability has increased. While technology has played a major part in positively transforming traditional transactional activities to online, there are many scams that loot people and tarnish the well-made image of online activities. Many people who are relatively new or engage in online transactional activity for the first are soft targets for the scammers to scam them. This results in monetary loss and lack of trust in any other online activity.

In order to gain customer’s trust and loyalty, many internet-based businesses have added a section of customer reviews and testimonials to their website. Having positive customer reviews about a product on the website plays with the psyche of the new buyer. Reviews help gain the customer a relief that the product they are buying or the activity they are investing in is authentic and has been tried by others as well.

Similar is the case of Nigel Hall had extensive knowledge about the operation of slot machines in the industry. His first job at the amusement arcade made him skilled at reading and interpreting the workings of the slot machines. Nigel wanted to share his knowledge about slot machines and online slots with the people who played regularly did not know much about the online gaming apps. And while he was still working at his first job, the online slot industry was flying, and had plenty of opportunities to be tapped.

Taking advantage of the situation and his skill, Nigel Hall decided to create a website that would contain all authentic and 100% accurate information about various online gambling games. While he was still processing the idea of launching the website, an Australian game developer, Big Time Gaming, released a plethora of the latest online gambling games that brought a wave of happiness and excitement among the players and opened new doors of opportunity for Nigel.

The instant pump and rise in the online slots industry pushed Nigel to launch The website today is a trusted platform by many online gamblers because of the accurate rating and real and experienced reviews. The website enlists only those games that have been tried and tested by Nigel as he personally deposits and withdraws cash while playing so that he can give honest reviews about the game.

Excessiveness of everything is dangerous, and the same can be said for gambling too. realizes that constant gambling can be addictive and can result in serious monetary problems. So, to avoid such cases, the website has a dedicated section that makes the players aware of the problems they could face due to excessive playing. The website goes a step ahead and also mentions a few reliable organizations that could help anyone suffering from excessive playing.


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