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The ultimate list of resources for indie game developers

If you want to succeed in creating exciting gaming products, find out about the most brilliant resources for game developers.

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Image: indie Fund

Video games are an industry where incredible talent of developers, big money, and passionate group of players are intertwined. And one thing is true, it’s impossible to imagine without the other. 

The indie video game industry occupies leading positions in the modern online entertainment market. And this is always interesting when developers get inspiration and new ideas for new game products. 

Therefore, if you create games or are just interested in how developers do it, you might be interested in exploring the list of game resources below. We have collected the top resources for creating video games.

With this list, any developer will create a better product, or a beginner will be able to create a game on his own.

An updated list of resources

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Image: Pexels

Without the use of the most advanced engines and open-source game models, you will hardly meet the growing demand for video game making.

Fortunately, these software tools do exist, and they serve as a career start for both newbies and professional makers, like the art outsource studio on the gaming market.

And to learn more about this, look at the list of popular resources for game developers.


Unity is a popular game-creation tool that many indie vendors prefer to use. But before working with this system, you need to learn its programming language and game design resources specifics.

Thus, you will use it for game development easily. It is not difficult to do. Besides, there are many training programs on the internet up to date.

Open game art

Art and graphics play a crucial role in game-making. If you have the means to create custom drawings yourself or to work with a game artist, this is something worth exploring and investing in.

Besides, there is also a decent range of resources with ready-made art that can be useful for familiarization and study. Check out the sites offering free drawings for video games.

The most popular options in this sense are Open game dev art tools. It provides free 2D and 3D art and graphics for game developers.

Everything is separated into categories here, and there is also an active forum about open-source 3D assets on the Open game art website.


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Image: Unsplash

This resource provides free sound effects and samples.

Soundgator is a fantastic platform for game developers and users seeking various sound effects. The website is easy to navigate, and the sounds are well-classified.

Finding the best tools for game development is the basic key to creating a video game. Explore this resource to see if you can discover the sound effects you need to make your game the best in the row.

Indie Fund

Discovering how to finance a new video game is often a real challenge. That is a crucial point, but there are game developer resources that can help with that. 

The indie Fund was made by a group of brilliant game vendors to support new and promising indie makers in their projects.

They offer investments in indie video games and are an alternative to the traditional publishing financing model.


Many top-rated indie games got successful thanks to the launching of crowdfunding projects. Up to date, many diverse platforms are engaged in crowdfunding, so you should understand which one might be the best indie game resource for you.

Kickstarter is probably the most demanded crowdfunding website in the world. You will receive the requested amount (minus fees) if you reach your aim, but this is an all-or-nothing approach.

Kickstarter is probably the most well-known of the crowdfunding platforms. However, keep in mind there is a risk that you may not receive any funding for your project at all.


Knowing what to do and where to release your video game when it is ready can be a crucial task. Especially if it’s your first game ever. Nevertheless, this is an exciting period for you.

Therefore, there are many ways to release your game without a publisher. Check out free resources for game developers, and let luck be on your side.

Steam offers the largest and most well-established PC distribution functions worldwide. This impressive platform is the ultimate entertainment website, with over 100 million users in their gambling community.

If you want your game to get into the top leagues, this is where it needs to be.

The importance of project coordination in game development

game developer testing their game
Image: Unsplash

To create first-class video games, it is not enough to have endless imagination and knowledge in graphics and design.

You must also create and manage game development projects using the best indie game development tools.

Thus, this is the only way you can defeat competitors just waiting for you to stumble or take a wrong turn in making games. So, what tools should you choose for project management?

First, understand why you may need it. The thing is that effective project coordination tools provide a single place for ideas, mistakes, priorities, and tasks accumulated in your studio.

Also, with the help of these game development resources, you will be able to meet deadlines without forcing the work of creating a video game. 

Therefore, if you need AAA-quality game development resources that are fast, effective, and highly adaptive, Hansoft is a reliable option for game-making.

Moreover, it offers Gantt charts, so developers can see deadlines and what leads them, and also supports agile methods and hybrids (it has Kanban boards and scrum support).

It syncs with Jira if you don’t want to work with the built-in bug tracker. Moreover, you can try the free version first, which supports up to 5 members of your developer team.

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