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Top 3 software-development-related podcasts worth listening to

If you enjoy a good discussion on coding, content creation or happenings within the development world, you owe it to yourself to check out these podcasts.

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There are different reasons to consider developer podcasts. Many developers are stuck on long commutes and want a podcast worth listening to that may inspire them and even give them some coding tips. Some devs may also enjoy listening to podcasts on their breaks or while working instead of listening to music. 

Those outside of the developer community may also enjoy and benefit from such podcasts in order to find out more about the industry, start learning to code or simply get product ideas. Hiring managers, CEOs and company leaders who are looking to hire software developers can also learn a lot from the podcasts and hear developers themselves discuss ideas on what works and what doesn’t. 

With that said here are three (and two offshoots) of the best software development-related podcasts worth listening to today:

.Net Rocks

This weekly podcast focuses on Microsoft’s .NET framework and events within this community of developers. It is run by Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell, although a variety of guests appear as well. They tend to be Microsoft-centric guests, and topics usually start out focusing on the Microsoft ecosystem of development. However, they branch out into other subjects as well.

For instance, check out their show from August 1st. It focuses on ethics and bias in tech and is titled, ”Ethics and Bias in AI with Amber McKenzie.” This is an interesting topic that encompasses the tech and development world as a whole. 

The Changelog

The Changelog is a dev- and tech-focused podcasts ran by Jerod Santo and Adam Stacoviak. It is full of different topics and guests. The podcast does not run on a constant schedule, but episodes will usually air every 10 or so days. 

The Changelog’s tagline is, ”conversation with the hackers, leaders, and innovators of software development.” This tagline sums up how varied in scope the discussions and guests are, although it tends to focus on software development in some way. 

Some of their recent episodes included topics like ”Observability is for your unknown unknowns.” This episode is quite interesting because it features Honeycomb CEO Christine Yen and discussion focuses on bringing better visibility to systems or what is referred to as observability

There are many others with a variety of similar guests. You can get a list here and their site gives a description of what exact topics were covered if you click on each podcast.

Some of the hosts from this podcast participate in other podcasts mentioned here that may be off branches or offshoots of the main The Changelog podcast. However, they are quite captivating and worth noting. I will go into two worth listening to below as sub-podcasts because they focus on very interesting subjects within the industry. They also have a varied guest pool with some big names of the tech world. 

Practical AI

This podcast focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) and various practices, technologies and developments within this industry. It is run by Chris Benson, a big-time keynote speaker and advocate of AI, and Daniel Whitenack, a data scientist. They both have huge expertise within the AI world and AI development as a whole. 

Some of the topics this podcast goes into include ”AI code that facilitates good science” (#51) and ”AI-driven studies or the ancient world and good GANs” (#52). The latter topic goes beyond just software development with AI or machine learning algorithms. It touches upon the AI industry as a whole and focuses on how AI impacts modern-day studies of the ancient world. 

Go Time

Go Time is another off branch from the Changelog and focuses on cloud computing. Its tagline reads, ”A diverse panel and special guests discuss cloud infrastructure, distributed systems, microservices, Kubernetes, Docker…oh and also Go!” Thus, the topic list is pretty diverse despite its focus on cloud technologies as a whole with a heavy emphasis on Google-developed language Go. 

The thing about this podcast is that it has a panel of regular guests that is huge. Some of the regulars include Ashley McNamara who works with Microsoft Azure and Go among other things. It also includes Johnny Bourisquot, who has experience with Go as well as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Containers (Docker). The guests are a diverse group with experience using different languages and frameworks, thus the topics tend to be interesting in the way they tie to the cloud as a whole. 

Some of the recent podcasts include ”Structuring your Go apps” or ”Web development in Go.” The idea is to find interesting uses for Go or ways to program using this language for a variety of software. 


This is a podcast ran by Scott Tolinski and Wes Bos, which covers the Javascript ecosystem alongside various frameworks, libraries, and tools associated with this language. The guys running these podcasts also have course-work related content available so they really know how to explain things in detail. 

The other thing to note about this podcast is that they do branch out to various topics beyond just a specific coding language or trick to encompass the dev world as a whole. They also have a variety of guests. 

Episode 9 called “Hasty Treat – Remote Internet” focuses on remote development work. This is an interesting and hot topic right now as the industry shifts to remote work and hiring remote development teams to collaborate with on-site developers. 

Another example of what they cover is an episode called ”A Story About Kanye West and Learning to Code” or episode 164. It goes into starting to code from the beginning and can be beneficial or inspirational for those new to development.


If you enjoy a good discussion on coding, content creation or happenings within the development world, you owe it to yourself to check out some of the aforementioned podcasts. Even if you enjoy just listening to good stories and conversations on products and services or ideas for upcoming releases within the tech world, definitely check these podcasts out. 

However, as you may have noticed, dev podcasts tend to focus on particular subgroups, languages or frameworks. Despite this, many of the discussions do branch out into coding as a whole. They are also listed by topic so you can listen to the one that interests you personally. After hearing a couple of episodes, you will quickly find our niche or topic you can keep up with and may just become a subscriber. 

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