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Ubersuggest Review: Is this the right seo tool for your business?

This Ubersuggest review explores the various core features of this free SEO platform so you know the benefits of using it on your marketing campaigns.

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Using reliable SEO tools make SEO planning more convenient for marketers.

With all the top-performing SEO tools in the industry, which one should you choose?

Among these tools, Ubersuggest is an emerging SEO platform that’s gaining popularity, especially since it is a tool by Neil Patel — a renowned entrepreneur and digital marketer.

In this Ubersuggest review, we take a look at its main features and why businesses choose to use this free and all-in-one SEO tool.

What is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest offers in-depth keyword research to help marketers search easily for highly-targeted and relevant keywords.

The tool also features an SEO audit, backlink analysis, and content suggestion, making it a more dynamic and insightful platform for all types of marketers.

Ubersuggest also recently released a Chrome extension enabling users to find more keywords on Google, Amazon, and YouTube.

Despite the myriad of features the tool currently possesses, it is further developed and upgraded, so users can expect more features and functionalities added to the tool.

The platform can be accessed and used by anyone by simply signing up for free on their website.

Ubersuggest Review of Main Features

Let’s take a closer look at the core functionalities offered by Ubersuggest.

Keyword Research

The home page offers a quick domain or keyword search which provides a comprehensive overview of its SEO data.

You can see the search volume, level of organic and paid difficulty, and cost per click (CPC).

When you scroll down, you’ll see keyword ideas for your target keyword.

Click on either the “Keyword Ideas” on the left panel or the “View all keyword ideas” below your results to see more keyword suggestions.

The results will show 10 keywords showing its search volume, CPC, paid difficulty, and organic difficulty.

You would need to sign up (for free) to view more.

Despite the keyword limitation, those are already useful for creating your SEO content.

Take note that the keywords are categorized according to Suggestion, Related Keywords, Questions, Prepositions, and Comparisons.

You can use these categories to insert various effective keywords for your content.

Additionally, the results also give the top 10 websites that ranked for your keyword.

Use this section to check on your competition and get ideas from their strategy.

This feature is perfect for:

  • Easily looking up highly-targeted and related keywords
  • Checking on competitors and their content
  • Getting various types of keywords for your content

Content Suggestion

Ubersuggest’s content suggestion helps marketers conceptualize various SEO-optimized content.

This section easily generates articles with your target keyword on the title and meta-description. It also sorts results based on its overall performance.

You will also see the page’s estimated traffic, the number of backlinks, and social engagement on Facebook and Pinterest.

This helps you generate content that drives traffic based on the keyword you’re pursuing. You know it works because the data shows it.

Moreover, the titles also give you an idea of what titles grab your audience’s attention.

Unfortunately, you can only see up to 5 content for this section, but you can view more when you log in using your Google account.

This feature is perfect for:

  • Checking top-ranked topics to generate your content ideas
  • Creating industry-relevant topics
  • Planning monthly SEO-optimized content

Top SEO Pages

When you enter your competitor’s domain in this section, it shows you all the top pages of that website.

Take note of the keywords that your competitor is using, and consider adding them in your SEO campaigns.

You will also see the number of traffic, backlinks, and social engagement for each link.

The results are also sorted per country. It means you will know where your views are coming from and what topics or keywords produce the most traffic or engagement in these countries.

This feature is perfect for:

  • Analyzing your competitors’ SEO and content strategy
  • Creating a keyword strategy that’s up to par with the competition
  • Knowing what keywords work and don’t work, and what topics have yet to be explored

SEO Site Audit

Ubersuggest provides an in-depth SEO analysis for your website (and your competitors’), and shows gaps or issues that you can address to improve your ranking.

The free version crawls 150 websites which are enough to understand your SEO ranking.

The results can be broken down into three sections.

The overview shows your on-page SEO score, organic monthly traffic, organic keywords, and backlinks.

Next, the site health shows any issues and recommendations for your site.

Lastly, your site speed shows how long it takes for your pages to load on a desktop and mobile device.

Notice that this SEO audit provides easily understandable insights despite giving a comprehensive result.

This makes Ubersuggest an easy-to-use SEO tool for beginner marketers.

This feature is perfect for:

  • A deeper look at your website’s SEO health
  • Finding out what issues you may have overlooked and need to fix
  • Getting a more detailed competitor analysis
  • Beginner marketers


This section gives you a good overview of a website’s backlink data.

The results page shows the website’s domain authority, the total number of backlinks, monthly organic traffic, and referring domains.

You also see new and lost backlinks, anchor texts, and more info per link.

All this information makes it easy for marketers to grow your backlinks by typing out a link, looking at which sites link to it, and contacting these sites to have them link yours.

This feature is perfect for:

  • Growing your link building strategy quickly
  • Looking for more website to contact for link building
  • Getting a deeper insight into you or your competitor’s backlinks

How much does Ubersuggest cost?

The tool is absolutely free.

However, signing up will get you more keyword suggestions, daily rank tracking, and customized SEO suggestions.

Ubersuggest also offers different plans for those who prefer unlimited access to the tool.

The basic plan starts at $29 per month, while the largest plan tops at $99 per month.

Compared to other SEO tools, it is relatively affordable as most tools’ basic plan starts at $99.

Regardless, Ubersuggest can be used easily and accessed online even without a paid plan.

Ubersuggest Review Verdict

For its features and price point, Ubersuggest is worth it.

You get more for free in this all-in-one tool.

Overall, Ubersuggest is perfect for individuals or businesses who need a tool containing all SEO essentials, prefer an affordable SEO tool, are SEO or marketing newbies, and need to pull quick and easy-to-understand data.

The platform provides the essentials to create an effective and efficient SEO strategy.

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