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Video games that benefit from mod usage

Let’s take a look at some of the best examples of how mods can turn some games from 9 to 10 or fix serious issues.

escape from tarkov
Image: BattleState Games

It is no secret that some video game developers put a lot of effort into creating the best IPs they can. However, there are some examples of when a video game benefits from having an active modding community. 

While not necessarily a replacement, custom mods add something extra to the game and make the overall gaming experience much better. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best examples of how mods can turn some games from 9 to 10 or fix serious issues.

Farming Simulator

Farming Simulator may not seem like a game that would benefit from the mods a lot, right? If you think about it, the basic game has pretty much everything one needs to enjoy your own little adventure of starting and growing a farm. 

Nevertheless, with the announcement of Farming Simulator 22, it did not take too long before active members of the game community started working on potential FS22 Mods they would like to see in the game. Be it new vehicles, animal and character skins, or new maps; each new addition will give the players more options to explore and immerse themselves in the world of farming.


Civilization is not an RTS but a turn-based strategy game. Players pick a civilization and progress through different eras by exploring the map, making allies, conquering opponents, trading, and gaining resources. 

Again, Civilization is a great game by itself, thanks to the hard work coming from developers. Besides the base game, one can expect DLCs that introduce new civilizations or scenarios.

On the other hand, you could add some mods to introduce new ways to play the game. For example, there is a mod that makes the barbarian camps go berserk and force players to focus on their defenses first and foremost. 

Wonder race is another nice option to have if you become too fed up with the default game. The player who builds the most wonders in a certain number of turns is the winner.


Torchlight is a dungeon crawler that may not be as popular as some other titles like Diablo or Path of Exile, but it still has its fair share of fans. And it is no secret that community mods are one of the primary reasons why the second installment of the game is better than the third. Community mods that introduce new characters, skills, items, and maps give the game more replayability value. 

The Elder Scrolls

Skyrim has been around for quite some time now, but it continues to be one of the most popular video games on consoles and PCs. For someone who is relatively new to video games, starting Skyrim may feel a bit weird because of the graphics that may seem a bit lackluster. 

Besides, the interactions between NPCs and the combat system do not feel too fluid. But this is where mods come in. Thanks to its dedicated fanbase, Skyrim has a plethora of available mods that fix multiple problems. While the vanilla version of the game is still great, playing modded Skyrim is a different experience and one worth trying for every avid gamer. 


minecraft steve and bees
Image: Microsoft

Despite its graphics and false belief about being solely for children, Minecraft continues to be popular and top global sales charts.

The game may not seem that special, but it is the creative aspect that makes Minecraft so popular. The possibilities of building are more or less endless, and it comes down to the dedication of the players.

As for the available mods, you can find plenty of skins and graphic improvement mods, as well as custom games that come with a plotline. 


The most recent Fallout game was unsuccessful, and Bethesda received a massive backlash from the community. Fortunately, the community that likes the series so much did not wait for the developers to fix all the problems and started working on mods themselves.

While the game is still in a pretty poor state, custom mods make the gaming experience bearable, and we will likely see more of these in the future. Hopefully, Fallout 76 becomes a good game that the fans of the series can enjoy.

Warcraft III

Forget about Blizzard and their disaster of a game that was Warcraft 3: Reforged. Instead, go back to playing the original version of the game and enjoy some of the best mods like Element Tower Defense, Uther Party, or Hero Siege X.

Defense of the Ancients is worth a shout as well. The mod was so successful that Valve released DOTA 2. The game became one of the most recognizable titles in eSports, and it is the second most popular title on Steam as far as concurrent players go.

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