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VR & AR technology coming to online casinos? 

It isn’t a foregone conclusion at all that these games will be implemented soon, but there is certainly lots of hype surrounding what AR and VR games can bring to the table.

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Image: Cas and Chary VR (YouTube)

Once you get past the alien-like appearance of having a large piece of equipment strapped onto your face, AR and VR technology is actually very exciting. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is a technological sector that is just exploding right now, as more and more investors are witnessing the potential that these gadgets have. 

Online casinos are now looking like they could be next in line to adopt this technology in a big way, and gamers all over the world will benefit. While we already have features like live casino games on certain sites, it still doesn’t quite match up to being in a physical casino. You don’t get the atmosphere or the vibe when you are just sitting at home playing, but all of that may be about to change. 

What is VR & AR Technology? 

Before we even get to what these technologies are, we have to point something out that justifies the whole purpose of this article. Sales relating to VR and AR technology are expected to be in excess of £70 billion this year, and if that wasn’t impressive enough – back in 2017 this figure was just £900 million. That’s how rapidly this industry is expanding, and online casinos are one of the latest platforms to look at getting a piece of the action. 

Virtual Reality technology provides users with a 360-degree view of a virtual environment, which has been used so far for video games and other platforms. Players are required to purchase a 

headset to use this technology, and this headset is on the pricier side of things (source: 

Augmented Reality uses the actual environment around you and utilizes images that can appear, and you can then interact with these images. Perhaps the most successful game to date that has used Augmented reality is Pokemon Go, which took the world by storm a few years ago. 

How could this change the online casino experience? 

If you’ve used an online casino before, you’ll know that the graphics and general range of games have greatly improved in recent years. With other features like live casino play where the games are much more immersive, these online casinos are certainly more interactive than they used to be. AR and VR technology has the ability to take this to the next level however, which would benefit thousands of players. 

It is now feasible that through the use of these headsets, you may be able to sit on your couch at home and virtually walk around a physical casino. This will throw you straight into the environment of a physical casino, and you’ll also be able to walk around as well as choose your games. You may be able to walk across to the video slots section, hit the tables like roulette or blackjack, and even walk over to the cashier for your winnings. None of this is confirmed yet, but there are already a few VR blackjack games online (source: and there’s certainly a lot of excitement around the possibilities of a full online VR casino. 

Who will adopt this technology first? 

It’s difficult to say who will adopt this technology first, but given the cost involved with implementing a selection of games for virtual or augmented reality, we’d expect only the larger software providers to look into this first. Some of the world’s leading software providers right now are companies like Microgaming, NetEnt, IGT, Betsoft, Quickspin, and several others. 

These guys will no doubt have the investment power to develop augmented and virtual reality games or even an all-in-one virtual casino platform. It isn’t entirely out of the question that some of the world’s largest online casinos might go ahead and work on developing this themselves. 

We’d like to point something out here – even if a software provider or a leading online casino does implement a range of AR/VR games, you’ll still need to purchase an appropriate headset. If you’ve already got one, great! If not, it may cost you a fair amount of money to upgrade and get into these games, to begin with. 

Final Thoughts 

It isn’t a foregone conclusion at all that these games will be implemented soon, but there is certainly lots of hype surrounding what AR and VR games can bring to the table. Let’s face it, it can be a hassle if you want to actually go and play at a physical casino. You need to get yourself there, be there for several hours, then when you are done, get yourself back home. 

Online casinos give the ability to remove all of that, and if such an immersive experience were to emerge due to VR/AR, this would just change the game! 

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