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What is the most expensive Rocket League item?

If you’re a passionate Rocket League player, you can make a lot of money selling skins and in-game items in specialized Rocket League marketplaces.

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Even though Rocket League was released years ago, it’s still one of the most popular multiplayer games in the world. It’s also known as the most prominent game with an item trading economy in the world, as millions of players join the marketplace where they buy Rocket League items and sell the ones they don’t need.

The massive marketplace has outgrown all expectations, and the free giveaway on Epic Games Store has only helped boost the growth of the community. While some players work on their skills, others just want to impress everyone with expensive skins. Stay with us, and we’ll go over the most popular and costly skins Rocket League has to offer.

900k – Gold Rush

Over a dozen skins in Rocket League cost over $3,000, but there is one particular skin that still holds the top position. The Apha Reward Gold Rush, or Alpha Boost, as it’s better known, is by far the most expensive skin in the game. 

The skin goes for anywhere between 700k and 1m credits. If you consider that $1 gets you 120 credits, the math puts the price well over $5,000. But that’s just the average price. Some players spent over $10,000 in credits to get this skin, which is a ridiculous amount of money to dish out for a virtual in-game item. But why are players ready to spend so much hard-earned cash on a single skin? Let’s take a closer look.

  1. What is it?

Gold Rush is one of three Alpha items on the list of top ten most expensive items in Rocket League. The skin belongs to a super-limited edition boost that was handed out to all Alpha testers way before the game was officially released. In other words, it was handed out only to people who were playing the game since the first day during the testing phase. It’s really a thing of prestige, and all players who use it are immediately recognized as the OG’s of Rocket League.

  1. Why is it so expensive?

One of the main reasons why Gold Rush is so expensive is because it’s very rare. Once the game was officially released, there was no way for new players to win Alpha skins or other items. Many pro players still use this skin to show their dedication and love for the game. The last Alpha skin awarded to a player happened in July of 2015, as the game entered the Beta phase. Beta testers were also rewarded with a unique Gold Nugget antenna, which is not as nearly as rare as the Gold Rush skin.

  1. Why do pros use it?

The Gold Rush skin is simply a prestigious in-game item that shows the rest of the players in the game that you’re either a pro with years of experience or an insanely rich gamer. Since most players who use this skin have played the game since the earliest days and simply want to show everyone that they are a force to be reckoned with, it’s that simple. 

However, Gold Rush also provides a unique sound to your vehicle, not just a unique look. The exhaust leaves a gold fire trail behind the car, giving players a unique feature no one else can get. 

Honorable mentions

Of course, there are other highly expensive and popular Rocket League skins used by pro players around the world. Here are a few honorable mentions.

  1. Gold Stone

Gold Stone is also a part of the Alpha skin collection, and it’s really a set of golden rims you can attach to your favorite car. It’s also very rare since it was only handed out to Alpha testers. The skin is very popular because it adds that extra something to every car. Depending on the platform you play on, the value of the skin is between 100k and 400k credits, or between $770 and $3,000. 

  1. Gold Cap

Gold Cap is another hugely popular item handed out as an Alpha reward on day 1. It’s also very rare and highly popular among pro players and Rocket League enthusiasts. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want a gold cap on top of their car? Depending on the platform, the skin costs between 100k and 200k credits, roughly adding up to $1500. 

  1. Titanium White Apex

The next best and most expensive set of wheels after Gold Stone belongs to Titanium White Apex. It’s a set of wheels that looks similar to Gray Apex, but a little brighter. Pro players widely use it as a status symbol. They hold a steady price between 80k and 120k credits, which translates to a price between $650 and $1000. 

  1. Black Deici

Black Deici wheels are not as rare as the other items on this list, but they are highly popular among semi-pro players to this day. Instead of shining like other premium wheelsets, these wheels are matte black. Also, since they don’t belong to a limited collection, they are among the most expensive tradable wheels with prices between 19k and 24k credits or $150 to $200. 

  1. Grey Apex

Grey Apex wheels are an entry-level prestige item only available through random drops. Players use to tell their opponents that they are more than just a newbie. While their average price is just above 10k credits, some players sold this set of wheels for as much as $220. 

  1. Titanium White Dominus

Finally, we have the Titanium White Dominus wheels that are highly popular among freestylers. Players had a chance to craft them in the past, but today, they can only be obtained through trading. Their price is just above 30k credits, but it often soars to a whopping 70k credit line.

Do these items have real money value?

Even though all of these items are only cosmetic, they are very popular among passionate Rocket League players. Many online trading places popped up in the past few years, allowing players to trade their skins for real money. Similar to CSGO skins, the prices of these items depend on the demand, but one thing is for sure, trading Rocket League items helped many players get their hands on a heap of real money. 

In other words, Rocket League items have a real value indeed.


Rocket League is a very exciting and fun game you can play online or locally with friends and family. The game is still played by tens of millions of players every day. So, if you have a few skins you don’t use, you could visit one of many marketplaces and possibly sell it for real money. All of the items on our list will sell for a high price, allowing you to make a quick buck without any effort. Visit this link to get a chance to win rare in-game items every month.

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