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What makes a motherboard good?

So, what does make a motherboard good, and why is the X570 such a popular and highly regarded series? Let’s have a look.

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Are you an avid gamer? Online gaming is a massive market and once you get hooked on a game or genre it can be excellent fun! It’s also a great way of meeting new people online, and there’s a community aspect to gaming that comes with real-time games.

When you take a look at computer gaming trends it’s clear to see that live games with multiple participants are by far the most popular option, and whatever you play you will know that such games are best played with a computer that has ample power and performance.

The title of this article – what makes a motherboard good – invites a very broad response. A motherboard is, as you will know, an integral part of your PC and if it’s a gaming machine you’ll want a motherboard that does that bit more than the one in an average business machine.

That’s why we took a look at this review at as that motherboard has become one of the staple requirements of the gaming machine. So, what does make a motherboard good, and why is the X570 such a popular and highly regarded series? Let’s have a look!

Why the X570?

First, let’s remind ourselves what a motherboard is. It’s the central nervous system of your computer, if you like, the part the links all the other parts together and allows them to operate efficiently. It’s essentially a printed circuit board, and upon it, you will find the CPU, the memory chips, and the links that allow the computer to communicate with other devices. So, why is the X570 so special? Put simply, there are motherboards, and then there are more sophisticated motherboards, and the X570 is one of the latter.

The X440 was designed to provide exceptional performance for gamers and users who need overclocking capability. It has now been replaced by the X570 from the same family, but many users are more than happy with the capability of the X470. It was designed to work with Ryzen CPU’s – specifically the previous versions now superseded by the 3000 range of Ryzen chips – and can also be used with the new 3000 range.

This is one reason why people are updating their CPU and not the motherboard, as it is a low budget way of getting better performance from the machine. Which X570 should you choose? The review at covers the best in detail, so we’ll summarise a few important points.

What to Look For

The X470 – and its successor the X570 – are prime examples of the fact that nothing stands still in the world of computers. It might be worth looking at this article about future developments in the digital world to see just what can be expected in the short term. Meanwhile, the X470 remains a sensibly-priced option if you want to bring faster processing speeds and greater capability to your PC, and as the review shows there are some very nice bargains to be had now the new model has taken to the market.

Name brands such as Asus, who offer the X470 Pro as a sensibly priced version of the motherboard, are worth sticking with for quality purposes, and you’ll also find gaming experts MSI and Gigabyte in the market too. We strongly recommend you talk to experts in the trade if you are not up to speed with the latest motherboards and CPU technology, as there is a lot to learn about the suitability of different models.

Check out the X470 as a budget way of beefing up the performance of your machine, and you might find a real bargain out there.

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