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4 reasons to use RFID locking solutions for your business

With better security and convenience, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your business is secure at all times.

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In the security industry, several technological advancements have ensured the safety of both private and commercial establishments.

Over the years, radio-frequency identification (RFID) locking solutions have been gaining popularity in residential and commercial properties.

Aside from providing an advanced level of security, RFID technology is also convenient to use. 

A close look at RFID technology 

If you’re not fully familiar with how RFID locks work, let’s take a closer look at what it’s all about.

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology utilizes radio signals to identify an object, allowing or denying entry.

The idea of the technology dates way back to the 1940s when a rudimentary form of the technology materialized as surveillance equipment.  

It was only in the 1970s when the technology was introduced into the market as a security and selective entry system.

Sadly, due to the high expense of the technology and its complex nature at that time, it was only limited to major business establishments and government offices.

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However, the advancements in technology over the years made RFID technology more compact and became a preferred entry system in commercial establishments by the 90s.  

Due to the variety of uses, various types of RFID technology are available, which depend on the frequency at which the system operates.

The three main RFID frequency types are low frequency, high frequency, and ultra-high frequency. The low-frequency RFID readers will require the tags to be very close to the reader to communicate, while the ultra-high frequency has the longest and quickest read speed. 

How to use RFID locking solutions  

RFID locking solutions consist of two major components: the reader and the tag. The reader works the same way as a gatekeeper while the tag carries a specific identification signature.

In most cases, the tag can be a card you wave or tap on the reader. There are also three types of RFID tags, each of which has distinct functions. An active tag emits a constant signal and requires a power supply such as a battery.

In contrast, semi-active tags emit signals only when they are within range of an RFID access control door and are battery-powered.

Finally, a passive tag, which lacks an internal power source, uses the magnetic field emissions from the RFID reader to generate a current in the tag’s internal antenna.

The reader’s radio signals emit a charge. The tag returns an identification signature to begin unlocking when it receives the charge. Once the reader recognizes the signature, the lock opens.

Today, RFID locking solutions are widely used in hotels, schools, healthcare facilities, gyms, offices, and commercial and residential establishments, to name a few. 

What are the common uses for RFID locking solutions? 

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Today, RFID technology is a crucial security element for various applications. You’re likely to have encountered one in hotels or business offices.

Some of the common uses of the technology include the following: 

Commercial establishment locking system

The RFID locking solution is a popular entry system in offices. The majority of commercial offices utilize some form of RFID locking system.

Instead of replacing and retooling locks after the lease expires, the system makes it easier for commercial property owners to manage the constant changing of tenants effectively.

Hotel and apartment entry systems

An RFID access control door is a wise investment in most hotels and apartments.

For example, hotels require controlled access to their amenities to ensure security. By utilizing an RFID locking solution, guests can enter hotel amenities while keeping unauthorized individuals from gaining entry. 

Warehouse accessibility

RFID locking solutions can also provide higher security for warehouses and industrial facilities.

Although RFID plays an important role in the inventory and tracking of products and materials flow throughout a facility, it’s also useful in monitoring entry activity. 

Reasons to use RFID locking solutions for your business 

There’s a reason why RFID locking solutions are popular in both commercial and residential establishments. It provides greater security and convenience than traditional locking systems.

Here are some reasons you should use RFID locking solutions in your business.

Seamless configuration  

The process of cutting new keys and retooling locks can be time-consuming.

One of the reasons to invest in RFID locking solutions is the seamless configuration. In general, it makes it easier to make configuration changes without much difficulty.

Contactless entry experience

RFID locking solutions use radio frequency to transmit and receive data, eliminating the need to enter a key or swipe a card for it to work.

Touchless entry is gaining popularity as an access control option since it removes a common touch point and offers a higher level of convenience. Additionally, the keyless entry systems are convenient for daily use.

When you switch to RFID locking solutions for your business, you can improve the overall employee experience while making it safer and more efficient.

Improved level of security

tls connection security

The RFID tags in the latest key cards are highly encrypted, ensuring a higher level of security. In contrast, the older RFID card models and swipe cards are easily copied and replicated.

The most recent tags include digitally signed identifiers, making them difficult to copy and preventing potential criminals from intercepting signals and skimming data.

Another advantage of RFID locking solutions is that they provide better awareness.

RFID devices are analytics tools for any business because data is automatically read and stored. RFID technology is useful in logging activity because the system can track the RFID reader’s communication with a tag.

For example, you can monitor every user’s authorized entry and failed attempts. It provides a clear picture of who entered the establishment, which door they entered through, and when the entry occurred.

The data is highly useful in auditing security issues and streamlining operations. 

Low upkeep requirements

Another reason to invest in an RFID locking solution for your business is the low maintenance cost.

Since the RFID key cards can go through reprogramming, you only need to reconfigure them as needed instead of replacing them entirely. Getting new RFID credentials is available at affordable rates. 

Similarly, once the RFID card readers require a software update, there’s no need to replace the entire system.

Generally, the service fees and expenses of having an RFID locking solution will vary depending on the provider. Nonetheless, RFID technology remains the most cost-effective security solution in various industries.

Final thoughts  

When running a business, the safety and security of your customers, employees, and the establishment should be your top priority.

Most business owners deal with a variety of issues, including theft, lost keys, and forgotten pins, to name a few.

If you want to make the security of your business establishment more convenient but on a whole new level, the RFID locking solutions are worth considering.

With better security and convenience, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your business is secure at all times.

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