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4 ways to increase conversion on your email marketing lists

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If you’re being consistent with your email marketing campaigns, good for you. Many people know the importance of building their list and marketing, but they never take action. Most of the time it is because they are afraid that it won’t work. The only way it doesn’t work is if you don’t do the work to make it work. That’s why we are here today. To show you how to make it work and if you already have results, we will show you how to make it work better.

Why Use Email Marketing?

If you are of the school of thought that email marketing no longer works, you should know that while you aren’t going to see 80% open rates like you would have in the past, you can still have some pretty amazing results whenever you do things in an effective way.

Those of you that think that you should trade in email marketing for social media marketing should know that the only reason to do social media marketing is to get email addresses. You don’t own the social traffic, but when you get permission to email them, you can remarket to them over and over again until they unsubscribe. If you don’t spam or annoy them, they may never unsubscribe. ou can use a variety of email marketing platforms for this purpose. Now let’s go on to look at the 4 ways to increase conversion on your email list.

1. An Eye Catching Title

If you can’t get them to open the email then you can’t even get to the next part. Depending on your audience, there are different things that would be eye catching. Make sure that you know who you are talking to so you can speak to them in a way that gets their attention. If they are a caring person, you might pull on their heart strings. If they are a person with a lot of ego then you might challenge them. Know who you are talking to and then creating an eye catching title.

2. Be Clear With Your CTA (Call to Action)

If the person that gets your email has no idea what you want them to do, they are most likely going to click the back button and go to the next email that catches their eye. It is important that you give them not only CTA but multiple CTAs throughout the email copy until they are ready to click and go visit your site.

When you do get them to click and visit your site, if you are trying to make a sale, you need to make sure that you do not send them to a cluttered page. You should not have any advertisements or anything to distract them. Allow them to clearly see where to purchase.

3. Segmented Lists & Targeted Emails

If you aren’t segmenting your list, you are missing out on major marketing opportunities. List segmentation will allow you to separate people into different lists by different actions that they take or by who they are. If you know that they are women then you can use language like “hey girl” and talk about women issues for example.

If you aren’t sure how to go about segmenting your list, you can read this guide about how to do it.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, but if you learn how to properly do it, you can see an increase in open rate because of the personalization that you will be able to do. The more list segments that you have, the more options you have for emails that you can send which means the more opportunities that you have to make money or move them down the buying cycle.

4. Great Copywriting

What you say and how you say it is important. Certain words make people feel certain ways. hen you learn how to speak to people and get them to act through text, you can be in a very good position. Copywriting is like the design of your site. People want something that is attractive and compelling, so you’ll either have to learn how to copywriter or you’ll have to hire out for it.


Learning how to get a better conversion rate on your email marketing list doesn’t have to be a drag. The 4 above tips can even make a big change in your business if you learn them and implement them. You want to make sure that you send a good message to your visitor all throughout the process. Whether that is through your emails or if that is through a good looking site that you can build with WordPress page builders. Whatever you are doing, you need to make sure that all content that you post is in alignment with your company or personal branding. People remember you when you are consistent with your branding and messaging. Also, a business database doesn’t hurt either.

Email marketing can be an on-demand income if you learn how to do it properly. You can send emails out on the holiday with a discount and get more sales. Email interrupts people from what they are doing and redirects them to another activity. But if you offer value and moving content, this may be the key to boosting your income.

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