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6 important features to look for in a home security system

When looking for a home security system, there are several questions you will need to ask yourself before you start shopping.

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When it comes to protecting your loved ones and property, you can never be too careful. Your family’s all-around protection should be a top priority. Whereas there are people who believe that a house break-in can never happen to them, there is always a chance. Taking precautionary measures such as investing in a good home security system can greatly reduce the possibility of a break-in. 

When looking for a home security system, there are several questions you will need to ask yourself before you start shopping. These are; what is your budget? Do you have kids? Do you live with elderly people? What is your general family routine? What is the most important thing that you want to protect? And how do you intend to install the home security system? The answers to these questions will go a long way in determining the most important features you will need along with the best method of installing them. 

Here are 6 of the best features to look for in a home security system.

1. Smart Locks

According to research carried out by, 34% of break-ins occur through the front door. Most of the time burglars don’t even need to break in because they often find the door unlocked. A survey carried out on homeowners by Harris interactive discovered that at least 25% of people admitted leaving their front door unlocked at least once a year. 

If you or your children often forget to lock up when you leave the house, ensure that the home security system has a smart locks feature installed. The smart lock feature will eliminate the need to keep a physical key and all you will need to do is set your door to lock automatically at a specific time every day and when you get home you can unlock it using a special code. 

Advanced home security systems such as the Vivint Smart lock enable you to lock or unlock your home from anywhere in the world using your smartphone. This comes in very handy especially when your children forget to lock up or when you need your deliveries to be safely stored inside the house. 

2. Cameras

Probably the most important feature to look for in a home security system is the cameras. The mere presence of a security camera can effectively deter a potential burglar or intruder. Cameras also collect evidence of a crime and you can use the footage to verify your claim. 

When shopping for a home security system ensure that it has several types of cameras including; the doorbell camera, nanny camera, and a spotlight camera. Also, make sure that the cameras have motion sensors that are activated by movement. 

3. Carbon Monoxide Detection

Carbon monoxide is a nearly undetectable gas but it’s also very deadly. It has no smell, taste, or sound but when inhaled by humans and pets it can be fatal. The usual household items such as gas fires, charcoal grills, oil-burning furnaces, and portable generators can put your entire household at risk of poisoning by this toxic gas.

Be sure to invest in smart home automation such as the Vivint Home Security System. When you purchase the Vivint security system, you will keep your family protected from risks like smoke and carbon monoxide poisoning. 

4. Fire Alarm System

Apart from carbon monoxide detection, you also need a fire alarm security feature in your home automation system. In case a fire occurs in your home you are notified immediately so that you can escape or try to put out the fire. 

Some of the features to look out for include an automatic fire alarm system that is activated through smoke or heat sensors and a manual fire alarm that is activated using manual call points. 

5. Wellness Alert

If you are currently living with your elderly parents, it is highly advisable to purchase a home security system that has a wellness alert feature incorporated. The wellness alert feature will protect your elderly loved ones from injuries sustained from slips and falls when they are alone at home. In the event there is an emergency at home, all they have to do is press a button on the alert device and immediately, they are connected to an emergency call center.

The wellness alert feature will also alert you when your loved one fails to take medication, wanders off the property, stays too long in the washroom or when they spend an unusual amount of time in bed.  A wellness alarm will give you peace of mind all day, every day even when you can’t always be there. 

6. Security Sensors

Your home security system should also include a security sensor to monitor any unauthorized entry into your home. There are many types of security sensors in the market but the most important to look out for include; a motion sensor to detect movement in the vicinity, a door, and window sensor, and a glass break sensor that is loud enough to scare away a burglar who breaks your windows.  

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