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Beware: There’s a growing number of Bitcoin casino fake websites

If you’re into Bitcoin and gambling, protect yourself from fake Bitcoin casino websites. Here’s what to look out for.

Bitcoin Wallet

Bitcoin is the best currency for playing online casino games because they allow transactions to be fast, safe, and secure with very little fees. In addition, it allows players to enjoy the best gaming experience because it provides total anonymity for the player as well as for every transaction that is made between the player and the casino. Do not join a fake bitcoin casino site when you can play at

When it comes to bitcoin gambling, you have to be aware that there are some fake websites that do exist and this is no different for bitcoin casinos as well. With bitcoin’s skyrocketing rise in the online casino industry, there are a few dubious individuals out there whose sole purpose is to take advantage of innocent players who just want an awesome gaming experience. It is important to be aware of fake websites and know how to avoid them.

Fake Bitcoin Website Dupes Players

If you do a little research online, you will find that there was a bitcoin casino in 2014 that was reported and put on scam lists for ripping off players. This casino was able to get away with cheating players because it would create fake websites that would often look like legitimate bitcoin websites. To the naked eye of a player, these types of websites are often very difficult to spot at first because they look almost identical to genuine versions of legitimate websites. It was only when gamers saw slot games loading, many of them noticed that the font was slightly different on the loader. However, the loader looked very much like the original and many players did not suspect that they were playing on a corrupted bitcoin casino site.

Slow or No Payouts

Fake bitcoin websites will often throw up red flags due to issues regarding payouts. What usually happens is that when you try to withdraw, the payouts will be very slow. Most reputable bitcoin casinos like offer instant payouts or payouts that are completed within less than 24 hours. Slow payouts may be the result of a corrupted casino that is paying players in a Ponzi scheme type fashion where they take money deposited and lost by new players to pay off older players who successfully made a withdrawal.

No Customer Service

In the past, fake bitcoin casino websites would fail to respond when players began to complain. Although these sites may offer an email address or a forum community to join, what usually happens is the so-called customer service representatives will fail to respond to emails and disappear from the forum. Trusted bitcoin casino sites like offer 24/7 customer support and go out of their way to make every player feel like a VIP. Little to no customer service at all is a sure sign that you probably landed on scam bitcoin website.

Fake Games

bitcoin casino scam

This is something that is hard to spot unless you have a lot of experience playing a variety of games as well as a good familiarity with the top online casino game design companies. Many fake bitcoin casino websites will offer players a very good imitation of the original game, but there is usually some kind of glitch or something appears off.

To make a comparison, maybe you have seen a fake iPhone before. On the outside, it looks like the real thing. However, when you use the phone, you will notice a few things that are not quite right. The same applies to bitcoin games. If you notice things in the game that just don’t appear to be right, you may be using a bogus version of an original.

Choose, A Legitimate and Most Trusted Bitcoin Casino

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