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How to build a TV lift discreetly tucked behind a fireplace mantel

If you’re looking to spruce things up in your home, consider building a TV lift that hides your TV behind your fireplace mantel.

TV Fireplace Mantle

If you’re looking to spruce things up in your home, consider building a TV lift that hides your TV behind your fireplace mantel.

There have been numerous motorized TV lifts developed over the years, but they did not serve every client. With the use of a 12 volt linear actuator, consumers can get a range of motorized TV lifts thanks to the many DIY consumer electronics. This actuator allows the one to build a TV lift that is secretly tucked behind a fireplace mantel or somewhere else based on your preference.

The 12-volt linear actuator is attached to a worm drive and a track that allows it to be moved. The first step in building a TV lift behind a fireplace is choosing the right linear actuator, and the 12v is the best. The Volt should have a 50% higher weight than that of the TV, a stroke length of around 1-2 inches longer than the TV’s height and a speed of 1inch/second.

The second step selecting a switch that is a double pole double throw developed for 12V and 10amps. The switch allows for the movement of the TV up and down. This needs a stealthier to be installed as well as a remote control unit. A 12v wall plug developed for 50% more than the actuator’s amperage is also needed, and a 10 amp transformer is most effective.


The third step requires installing the actuator behind the TV with all studs placed close to the actuator with all electric wiring deactivated until installation is done. The drywall is then removed to create space for the studs and actuator based on their widths and length respectively. A blocking and a 5/8 inches plywood are installed across the exposed cavity. The actuator is then mounted on the plywood with the use of a wood screw.

In step four, an operable door is then created to keep the TV in bidding when it is not being used. This is done by installing a piano hinge on the top of the mantel to close the TV after retraction with a 4″ by 30″ piece of plywood. To prevent any direct contact between the TV and the plastic side bezels, felt pads were fitted to the backside of the door.

A mounting plate holding the actuator and TV together is made from plywood. This is when the mounting plate is created and the TV installed in place. The last step requires some sanding to be done after the TV mounting plate is removed. Painting may be done if need be before remounting the TV ensuring tight screws and bolts.

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