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The Daily Read – Kindle Fire Edition – 6/18/14

Today’s Daily Read features the future of TV, condoms at the World Cup, new avenues for Uber, and a shady SEO company.

KnowTechie Daily Read

The Future of TV Isn’t Apps. We Need All Our Channels in One Place


“Streaming on-demand TV may be the future, but it won’t look like the app-tastic, redundant mess we have right now. It must be a single, clean web-based solution.”

by @garymyersNYDN

Condom Maker Scores at Brazil’s World Cup


“The world’s largest condom maker, Karex Bhd., is experiencing strong demand for its Brazil-themed output aimed at the World Cup soccer competition, as millions of its products have been snapped up by eager buyers.”

by @huileng_tan

Taxis Today, Airplanes Tomorrow? 5 Businesses Uber Could Steer Toward Next


“The growing popularity of Uber’s car-sharing service has been a jarring ride for the taxi industry, and it’s not the only business on the startup’s road map. “

by @markmilian

Internet Explorer Doing Sponsored Posts: Bing & Google To Dish Out Penalties?


This morning, Microsoft was put on front street when they were exposed for paying bloggers to write about Internet Explorer.

by @rustybrick

Why Amazon Won’t Repeat The Facebook Phone Debacle


“Jeff Bezos’ phone might fail, but it won’t be a fiasco.”

by @cwarzel

Microsoft Social Media “Strategist” Targets The Wrong Guy


“Oh, social media strategists, will you never learn? Even after the great Samsung Debacle of a few months ago, a “strategist” working on behalf of Microsoft (and I don’t believe this is Microsoft’s fault, honestly, because even Microsoft wouldn’t be this stupid) sent our own former EIC and anti-payola-crusader Michael Arrington a nice note:”

by @JohnBiggs

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