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Four ways to use voice technology for your business services 

Don’t be hesitant to implement text to speech or IVR, it could make the difference to whether or not your business succeeds during the shift.

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Technology has been knocking on our front door asking us to come outside and play. At first, we were reluctant to head out with our new friend but now we’re warming up to the old chum. We’re probably more than just friends at this point, wouldn’t you say? 

Voice technology might be the underdog of the tech world but you might use it more than you think! You also might find it useful for the business you are starting up or maybe you’re wanting to upgrade your current system. You might just need a voice over but don’t want to hire someone! That’s all okay and welcome here.

Recognize Need for Voice Technology Services

You might not have thought of this on your checklist when you first opened up, but here you are realizing you might be in for a voice service like the text to speech Notevibes! Before you dive in, allow us to give you four ways on how to use voice technology for your business service.

Training Documents

Sometimes words on paper just don’t cut it for your trainees or employees. A video might be best but you’re hesitant to use your voice for whatever reason, be it hard to understand accents or you just don’t like your voice! Using text to speech voices that are accessible in over 150 options might be a better bet for you! Use these voices in your training materials where needed and you’ll have a super professional instructional video.

Voicemail Greetings

Ever wonder how businesses sound so legitimate on their voicemails? Text to speech might be the culprit. Use those beautiful voices (that also come in different languages!) to greet your customers and direct calls calmly every time. None of that, “Hi, hold please!” right after the employee picks up the phone! This may save your business from deterring a few potential clients or guests.

Social Media

You either hate it or love it, and with the way things are progressing you better start loving social media. It might be easier for you to post on social media sites like YouTube or post videos to your business Instagram if you’re using a generated voice instead of your own. Either way, utilizing mediums like voice technology and social media could take your business up a notch!

Radio Ads

Broadcast your service or product with an easy to understand advertisement that your community will be sure to hear. With people driving around to pass time and venture out safely, your ad could mean a new sales lead or prospective client! 

Don’t Be Afraid to Use These Tools

Tools like voice technology can make your life more rich and enjoyable. They’re meant to alleviate us of tedious tasks, so let them! Don’t be hesitant to implement text to speech or IVR, it could make the difference to whether or not your business succeeds during the shift. Remember, people are relying on the internet and tech more each day as this continues, you should too.

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