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How to ensure maximum security to your Windows VPS?

The safest way to protect your Windows VPS server is to install an anti-spyware.

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All the Windows VPS server users have one particularly common concern in their minds while using hosting services – it’s security.

Extra security measurements are of utmost importance and if one wants to secure his/her server from hackers, as these can easily steal your data and use it for any possible purpose. To avoid the disastrous consequences, the following article aims to present the necessary steps one must take to maximize the level of security.

New user and administrator permissions

When your hosting service provider installs the OS and creates a default administrator account, it is important to disable this default account and create an entirely new user account with administrative privileges. Also, note that the account name should include random letters, numbers or the combination of both.

In the Windows VPS server management, the password is as important as the admin account. Even though it is highly recommended to always set up a long password, website owners often overlook it. What is a strong password? It should contain at least 10 characters, capital-small letters, and special characters or numbers.

Moreover, in order to prevent mishandling the access rights, provide each user with minimum rights that are enough to carry out his daily tasks and duties. It is recommended to set up Group Policy or use Role Base Access Control to specify access restrictions.

Windows Firewall and Antivirus in VPS

Another important step to take in order to maximize security includes acquiring an antivirus program. During your daily activities in your Windows VPS server, such as browsing the Internet, downloading and uploading various files, the risk of possible danger to face viruses, spyware, adware, malware, and other hacking ways increases drastically. To avoid these threats, installing an antivirus to your VPS is simply a must.

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Moreover, Windows Firewall filters out untrusted traffic, so it is important to enable it as well. It prevents you from malicious software and hackers as well as filters out other forms of information reaching you form the Internet. However, Windows Firewall is only safe for basic to intermediate level operations.

Regular Windows updates

As soon as you receive a new VPS, it is important to run a Windows update instantly. The installation process to all the important updates is automatic if Windows VPS server has the update function turned on. Updates are important as they fix bugs, improve security and vulnerability patches while consequently increasing overall computing experience. However, if automatic updates are not activated, it is important to regularly check for them.

Spyware protection

Spyware can cause a lot of damage – by displaying advertisements, the spyware collects information without requiring your permission, also it can install add links, toolbars, alter home page and display pop-up ads.

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Finally, the spyware owns the information of every visited website and used search engine keywords. It is an extremely dangerous threat since anyone can get infected. Malicious spyware can infect your system from any untrustworthy website you visit on the Internet.

The safest way to protect your Windows VPS server is to install an anti-spyware. The software will be able to alert you about any spyware attacks as well as to detect it and remove it successfully. Of course, just like regular Windows updates, anti-spyware software must be updated regularly to always keep the highest level of security.

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