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How to stop cyberbullying and keep kids safe online

Parents should consider the risks of using social networks from these tips for cyberbullying.

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How to ensure the safety of children on the Internet? Almost all modern parents are puzzled by this question. After all, staying away from the Internet, or rather, from information from the Internet, is practically impossible in the 21st century. Although, if you made a conscious decision to abandon modern society, you can live free, without outside influence, like Robinson Crusoe.

Everything on the Internet is the same as in life: it is good and bad, there are light and darkness, it is nice and evil. When releasing children on an independent journey through the Internet, parents must be sure that the children will not receive inappropriate content from it. The constant parental control can guarantee the safety of children on the Internet. And in this article, you will learn some cyberbullying prevention tips.

Some warning signs of cyberbullying:

  • When you ask to use a child’s phone or computer, the child gets very nervous;
  • Children feel disappointed or depressed after going online;
  • Children are afraid and do not want to discuss their activities with you on the Internet;
  • Sudden weight loss or vice versa, weight gain, headaches, abdominal pain, problems with food intake.

How to stop cyberbullying?

  • Keep up with your children’s interests

Of course, first of all, we are talking about prosperous families in which there is a trusting relationship between parents and children. Usually, such parents find time to talk with the child, give a speech, discuss their interests and needs, including those related to accessing the Internet.

How to search for the right information, how to choose games and how to play them, how to communicate on the Internet with other people – these and many other topics that affect the safety of children on the Internet should be the topic of joint discussions. At the same time, of course, some “difficult” issues and topics should be discussed very carefully and delicately. Sometimes an incorrect wording can confuse a child, he will become isolated and prefer to hide information important to his parents about their interests on the Internet

  • Know the tools, risks, rules, and approaches

Children learn modern technology faster than their parents. They find new information everywhere: at school, in a theater, in a cafe, on friends’ birthday parties, at home, and on the street. It doesn’t matter if the Internet is used to study, for research paper projects at school, for communication with teachers and other children, or for leisure activities: watching movies or interactive games. That is why you have to keep up and read an important cyberbullying essay at It’s free and you can find other good examples of cyber bullying essay articles on this website.

In most cases, a huge amount of publicly available content is undesirable for the child. Moreover, the child receives it at random, showing an elementary curiosity and, for example, finding or clicking on the YouTube video pop-up. The biggest problem may arise when your child encounters intruders or scammers. Cyberbullying has become very common in modern life. This is another reason for parents to think about how to ensure the safety of their children on the Internet.

  • Use Online Security Tools

Using accessible and well-known online personal cyber defense tools allow parents to some extent control their children’s access to inappropriate adult materials and helps protect their children from online intruders. Even if your child is a college student.

Many Internet service providers provide parental controls. Parents are also encouraged to use programs and/or specially designed software that helps block access to certain sites and restricts the sending of personal information to the Internet. Many parents tend to resort to using programming features to monitor and track their children’s online activities.

  • Encourage critical thinking

If everything that we see in the virtual world were true, we would all be flying wizards, world-famous innovators, or even have the opportunity to multiply ourselves depending on how many profiles we will use during the day.


Parents should consider the risks of using social networks from these tips for cyberbullying. Put a share of healthy criticism and undeniable logic, common sense, and mutual respect for the opinions of others in your conversations with children, but do not forget about caution and tact.

Teach your children to recognize and block unwanted contacts that occur by phone, email, text messaging, social media or online games to avoid cyberbullying. Explain to your children that they must understand that what they share on the Internet can be seen and read by completely different people, those whose existence the children did not even suspect.

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