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Is your data private? This infographic shows you how to secure your mobile data

Know what you are sharing online and how it can be used.

apps and privacy infographic
Image: SecurityDegreeHub

Currently, more than 90% of Americans say they feel they have lost control of their personal data collected by their smartphones. When you really break it down it starts to become clear just how much of your personal life is out there for the taking.

Your smartphone holds your calendar, knows everywhere you go and every person you call, text, or message, it knows what apps you get on and when, and even your fitness levels and personal health information. Every day we generate 250 million terabytes of new information worldwide, but where does that information go?

As the saying goes, if something is free then you are the product. The companies that own the apps you use every day collect massive amounts of data from you and then use it to sell to advertisers and researchers. This helps apps deliver personalized ads to you in the app, but it also leaves mountains of your personal information available for the taking.

Almost 300,000 people used an app called “This Is Your Digital Life” on Facebook, and this led to the now-infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal in which 87 million users’ data was affected.

Know what you are sharing online and how it can be used. Learn more about apps and privacy in the helpful infographic below.

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