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Reddit Roundup

Reddit Roundup! 7/8/14

Today’s Reddit Roundup features some goodies. Today you’ll find yoga pants of an enormous size, the ultimate hipster, and a master burglar. Plus more!

big butt plane

Reddit Alien


Hey all! Sorry for missing yesterday’s Reddit Roundup, got busy and caught up with work. Anyways, I’m back today with some fun and hilarious pics from Reddit today! 

Here’s What Middle-Aged Napoleon Dynamite And Pedro Look Like

Pedro and Napolean Dynamite

Starring John C. Reilly and Danny Trejo

Hipster Level: Grand Master

hipster level master

He is the final boss of Instagram.

Some dude saw this guy on russian cruiser Peter the Great

captain fluff

It is Ron Swanson in Cat form

Yoga Pants

big butt plane

dat gas!

Relationship goals

aww old folks

We are forced by physics to grow older, but that doesn’t mean we have to grow up.

Dammit, who started a game of Jumanji?

just a lion on the street


Finally. An educational book for our youth.

my first cavity search

This is not a real book

Wrong turn. Go,Go,Go!!!

weiner cutoff

The exact point where Lorena Bobbitt cut off John’s manhood.

Master bulgular

dumb burglar

The ultimate home security system: Stupidity.

Ghetto restaurants are the best

ghetto taco bell

We got that killa

Here, Let Me Help

let me get that for you

“Hey I’ll take the pain away from wherever you’re hurt”

Let’s see what you can find out there, share what you find in the comments! 


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