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  • Robocalls on iphone Robocalls on iphone

    Researchers reveal how they detect deepfake audio – here’s how

    With deepfake audio, that familiar voice on the other end of the line might not even be human let alone the...

  • bionic reading jiffy reader bionic reading jiffy reader

    Does this Bionic Reading app really make you a faster reader?

    Sadly, the hype may be overblown – if not misleading.

  • bill gates speaking at conference bill gates speaking at conference

    Bill Gates speaks out and calls bull on COVID-19 conspiracies

    What a load of old shit.

  • tech hangover coronavirus tech hangover coronavirus

    Tech Hangover: Obligatory Coronavirus headline

    You knew it was coming.

  • bushfire detection system bushfire detection system

    This university professor is creating a bushfire detection system

    He envisages the system will be ready for next year’s bushfire season in Australia.

  • platowork headset showing electrical activity platowork headset showing electrical activity

    The PlatoWork headset uses electricity to jump-start your brain

    *gestures broadly* SCIENCE

  • pcb pcb

    Chinese researchers created a safe method to recycle PCB’s

    PCBs are essential pieces of hardware – there is no electronic device built without them. Now, Chinese researchers found a method...

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