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The hottest mobile games to play in 2021

We took the liberty to have a showdown of some of the best and hottest mobile games to play in 2021.

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No matter what your level of gaming expertise, whether you’re a novice gamer or have been sitting behind your computer screen or console since you can remember – playing mobile games on your smartphone or computer has a sense of serenity to it.

In recent years, there’s been a strong debacle on Reddit forums, criticizing whether mobile game players are actual ‘Gamers.’ Although the recent spike in popularity for mobile games has seen a plethora of new games launching each year – compatible for both Android and Apple devices. These games have seen us spend countless hours lurking at our brightly lit screens, and if you’re one of those who’s jumped on the bandwagon when a new mobile game launches, consider yourself a true gamer.

With so many new games to choose from, from traditional, upgrades, expansions, mind puzzles, found on App stores, we took the liberty to have a showdown of some of the best and hottest mobile games to play in 2021. Although some of these games aren’t entirely free or requires you to make in-game purchases, this model has worked for years and has seen many games quickly rise to the top of its category.

Mario Kart Tour – Free

We cannot lie, but the original Mario Kart on a console or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch has offered many of us hours of endless fun and entertainment. We found that Mario Kart Tour is a great offering by Nintendo, after receiving strong criticism from diehard players over previous microtransactions. The game combines new-age software and tech, with traditional Mario Kart fun, featuring a multiplayer mode, enabling you to race your friends and other gamers.

Additionally, the game is free to play and will remain free, but if you decide to buy gems to purchase new characters, then you’ll then need to pay separately. It’s a fun twist on what we’re used to, and it’s a great game for those who don’t want to splurge hundreds of dollars on consoles and separate games. (Visit this site:

Monument Valley – Free

If you’re looking for a game that will help you destress and unwind, we highly recommend Monument Valley. From the tranquil features and art to some of the most beautiful mobile gaming designs we’ve ever seen, this game allows you to switch off your mind completely and enjoy hours of endless pleasure. (See Monument Valley on Google Play)

Minecraft – $6.99

No one ever expected that a pixelated builder will become a global influence. The game is priced at $6.99 which is a bit steep for a mobile game, but Minecrafters who truly enjoy this game, while having the ability to cross-play with friends who are playing on PS4, Xbox, or PC will find the price to be minimal for the hours of entertainment you can get from this game. We rank this game pretty high, especially if you’re looking to be more creative and want to relax.

Marvel Contest of Champions – Free

Now we simply can’t ignore that Marvel vs. Capcom was the ultimate mobile Marvel adventure-seeking game. The team did the most with this game, as it has some intense Marvel characters, that can easily be changed, modified or if you want, you can select alternatives that are available on the game itself. The title might make you think that it’s a game you should be enjoying on console, but this is one of our favorite mobile games for the coming year. (See the free version on Google Play)

Stardew Valley – $4.99

If you’re on the lookout for a game that will distract you from either your console or watered-down mobile games, Stardew Valley is a perfect choice. A beautifully designed game that has a straightforward plot – get your land, look after your crops and livestock. There are similar games, but we think this is one of the best simulation games in available its category.

Mini Motorways and Mini Metro – $0.99

For only $0.99, this game offers you endless pleasure, while boasting great visuals and short gameplay. It’s a straightforward mobile game, players act as a road or metro manager, building roads and railroads in a metropolitan trying to help the people get from point A to point B. There is endless playtime, and the game has offered a multitude of people hours of tranquil playing time.


Even though there are many apps available for free and to purchase, additionally click here for a more unique and customized entertainment experience. 

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