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The top 10 best keyloggers for Windows to download

We have tested many windows keylogger and made a list of top 10 best which is as follows

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A keylogger is a piece of software that is able to log a user’s keyboard input on a computer. With such a logger, it is possible to get confidential data or spy passwords. They often also capture Screenshots and send the keystrokes and screenshots via email.

In everyday working life the software keylogger can be used by the boss, for example, to understand which employee spends how much time on which task. By email, the keylogger sends all the data and reports to you so that you can then see them on the go, on your home PC or on your office PC. So you are always informed about all activities.

A Keylogger is also very suitable for parents who want to protect their children from the dangers that the Internet holds. With the PC monitoring software, you can even monitor your children while you are not present. Whether you’re at work, shopping or perhaps on vacation, the Keylogger records everything your child does on the PC while you’re away. You do not want your kids to be confronted with violent content or pornography? The PC monitoring program informs you about it, as well as who your child is chatting with, what games are played or which movies are watched.

We are going to share the top 10 best keyloggers in this article. Keylogger is a great software for monitoring your computer. It records all the keystrokes and websites visited and store the information in a hidden file. We have tested many windows keylogger and made a list of top 10 best which is as follows:

Wolfeye Keylogger

You can download this software from The price is 79$ for 5 computers. During our test, we found out that it is one of the most stable and easy to use keylogger for consumers. The software does not need much space and hides very well from the task manager. Moreover, the company offers 24 hours support which is also a plus point. It offers all important features that a keylogger should have such as passwords, keystrokes, email delivery, websites visited and screenshots.

Revealer Keylogger

If you want a basic monitoring software that is stable and has all important features then revealer keylogger is for you. It costs 39.99$ per computer. You do not need to be an expert to use this software thanks to its easy to use interface

Spytech SpyAgent

Another good keylogger but not very stable. Moreover, it is unable to hide well in the background. It will cost you 69.95$ for 1 computer. It is not very stable but offers very good features.

Ardamax Keylogger

Ardamax is a great keylogger and has features of making screenshots and taking pictures for webcam. It is a very stable software but not very stable as compared to the above-mentioned keyloggers. It costs 69.95$ per computer.

REFOG Keylogger

The price of this software is just 49$ per computer. It has many great spy features that allow you to capture pictures from webcam, recording keystrokes and making screenshots.


It can also be used as a hacking tool but you need some experience to do so. It can allow you to spy remotely on a computer. The price starts at 64.95$ for a single computer.

LightLogger Keylogger

One of the basic keylogger that offers many features and runs very stable too. Moreover, the installation process is very easy and you do need not much experience using this software. Its price starts at 39.95$ for 1 computer.


Its price starts at 59$ for a single computer. It offers a lot of keylogger features. You can also block certain websites using this software.

All in One Keylogger

It is a very basic software and has not been updated for many months. That is why; we will not recommend this software.

Supreme Spy

It is also a very basic keylogger but also not updated for some time. But it is a good keylogger with all the important features.

How to Add Exception for Wolfeye Keylogger in Windows?

  • Step 1. Open the windows defender or any antivirus you are using.
  • Step 2. Click Virus and threat protection and then open settings.
  • Step 3. In settings click on the exclusion list of the antivirus.
  • Step 4. In the last step, add the Wolfeye Keylogger in exclusion.

The video below explains this further in detail:

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