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This infographic explains why the future of security is biometric

Today 57% of apps feature a biometric security option, and that number is growing steadily. This infographic dives in deeper.

biometric security infographic
Image: Computer Science Zone

We’ve all seen the movie. The action hero is suspended by a harness from the ceiling into the vault, where he uses a glove encoded with someone else’s fingerprints and a special effects mask of someone else’s face to bypass the biometric security. Then he takes the files and the industrial espionage is done. Or averted. Or something. But the main idea is that biometric security, while more difficult and time-consuming to hack, is still totally hackable.

The thing is, hackers have shown this to be true, at least with the level of technology we have on the market today. Many smartphones that have facial recognition features can be easily fooled by a photograph, including something that is public and easily accessible like a Facebook profile picture. Even fingerprints aren’t all that difficult to fake – hackers can print out a photo of someone waving and use the photo of their fingerprint to beat the system.

Still, 86% of Americans want to be able to make payments with their mobile devices using biometrics, leaving many to wonder how much longer pins and passwords will even be around. Today 57% of apps feature a biometric option, and that number is growing steadily.

Learn more about the future of biometric security below

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