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Why you need to buy and use verified Gmail accounts

Here are some of the reasons why you should migrate your business to G Suite

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Once you purchase a domain name for your business – say, – you have an option to create email addresses with your web host – like Unfortunately, these types of emails have unappealing interfaces and are often dated and chunky. With these interfaces, organizing your emails is a hard task.

Regrettably, the most prevalent web hosting companies don’t heavily invest in email client services. Additionally, these companies focus more on their hosting plans rather than offering you better email client services.

Thankfully, there are reliable email solutions such as Gmail for business that you can use to achieve your company goals. 

The need for a Professional Email Address

A professional email address is an email that has ones’ business name (AbcBusiness), for example,

Remarkably, free email accounts – such as – are not suitable for businesses and they, therefore, can’t be categorized as professional emails. Additionally, convincing clients with free email addresses is a hard sell.  Besides, free emails pose a security risk to the business when regional censors are involved.

Migrate to Gmail for business without losing your custom domain name

It’s possible to use Gmail for Business with your custom domain name by buying emails from accsmarket. As we have discussed above, using regular emails like for businesses is not a good idea. Luckily, Gmail offers a collective suite of services – widely called G Suite – that can host your business email.

Here are some of the reasons why you should migrate your business to G Suite:

  • The emails accounts of your employees belong to the company

When you purchase verified Gmail accounts from accsmarket, you’ll rightfully own every email account in the company. For instance, if your company – AbcBusiness – decides to purchase a suite of 60 email accounts for 60 employees, then as long as the email ends with, it belongs to your organization.

Ideally, in such cases, your employees don’t have to create free emails for business use. This enhances a seamless communication with clients.  And if a member of your company leaves, you can reclaim and reuse the email.

  • Enjoy advanced phishing and malware protection

According to Google, if you’re a premium Gmail user, you can protect your company emails against phishing and other malware attacks. Additionally, you can select the right action to take, depending on the level of cyber-attack detected. 

You’ll also have the option to enable a two-step authentication of your company emails without a hassle. This process will ensure better cybersecurity for your company data, during email conversations, and their access as well. 

  • Use multiple email aliases

With an accsmarket premium package of Gmail accounts, a company can create multiple email aliases for employees and team members. For instance, you can create,,, as well as without compromise. This technique will enable you to assign emails to individuals within your company who share the same name – Jane Doe.

  • Increase the file storage of email accounts

Although the basic Gmail plan offers substantial storage of 30GB per user, a premium package can get you more space for your email accounts. This is because some users in your company are likely to use up more storage than the assigned 30GB.


Email communication is a basic need in any company. For increased productivity, a company needs to buy and use verified Gmail Accounts. Also, buying verified Gmail accounts gives you an option to create a wide array of Gmail accounts for your team.

You also don’t want to overspend on services that are not worth it, and can sometimes be faced with potential regional restrictions. Therefore, you should ensure that you get good value for your money by purchasing verified Gmail accounts.

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