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Why you should invest in a home security system with smartphone access

Let’s now look into reasons why this new generation of security systems has become a household name.

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A home security system guarantees your peace of mind because it lets you know whenever someone tries to break into your home. Nowadays, security systems have been upgraded to enable them to offer more than just surveillance. And unlike in the past when homeowners had to set up a computer-based management station in their home, these days it’s possible to monitor every square foot of your property at the tap of a button on your mobile device.

This is because security systems have been designed to be supported by smartphones. All you have to do is buy a system that has been reviewed by an authority site such as SafeNow and install an app that comes with the package and you will be good to go. Once the system is up and running, you will be able to manage your home remotely. Let’s now look into reasons why this new generation of security systems has become a household name.

Maximum Privacy

 With a traditional security management system, it’s easy for your visitors and spies to know where the computer that you use to manage various functions of your home is kept. This can cause the safety of your home and personal stuff to be compromised. But with a system that’s integrated with smartphone, you can monitor everything that’s happening in your home discreetly even when in the midst of huge crowds.

You can also execute some functions such as turning the lights on and switching the thermostat off. The other advantage is that you can secure the management app with a password to guarantee that the system can’t be operated by someone else even if you lost your phone.


Yi Home Security Cam

This one is a no brainer. With the old system, you have to wait until you get back home to operate it. This means that the lights will remain off when you are not around. And in case of a security breach, you will have to dash back home to check the situation and alert the police. When you invest in a smart system, you can monitor your home and perform tasks even when traveling.

In fact, the experience makes you feel like you are still at home even when you are a thousand miles away. With a smartphone access system, it doesn’t matter whether you are kayaking in Hawaii or on a plane, you will be able to take charge over your home without being limited by distance.

Reduced Costs

Lack of an effective security system can cause your monthly bills to go through the roof. Imagine your lights or thermostat remaining switched on for an entire week? And that’s not all. You still have to pay the company that manages the system to avoid leaving any loopholes for criminals to invade your home.

But when a smartphone access security system is in place, it can save you from the trouble of skyrocketing bills at the end of the month. For a start, you will manage everything on your own. In addition to that, your appliances will be switched off and on when the situation is right.

Round the Clock Management

Anyone that has ever used a computer-based security system will tell you that the staff of the companies that monitor them work in shifts. This means that if one of the security guards doesn’t show up, your home will be vulnerable to unauthorized access.

Besides that, the call centers usually rely on electricity, meaning they can’t be of any benefit during a power outage. Modern security systems function as standalone stations because they are to be powered by alternative energy such as batteries and solar.   

Enhanced Personal Security

With the old system, you have to get on the ground after getting a security breach alert so that you can get correct details of the situation and report to the nearest police station. This means you have to engage in a confrontation with the culprits that are trying to break into your home. Such an encounter can put your life at risk. But when a smartphone access system is in place, you can notify the police without having to engage in any confrontation with the culprits which in return helps in guaranteeing your safety.

Single management App

One would expect a smart home security system to be managed using different apps; one for every appliance that needs to be operated remotely. On the contrary, you can operate various appliances and monitor your home with a single app. The good thing is that the app is usually designed to be supported by either iOS, Android or Windows.

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