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10 easy & effective tips that will improve your law firm’s web design

A good redesign of your website in time will guarantee you many new customers and will enhance the virtues of your business.

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We live in the digital age, which has led to the fact that most companies and businesses need to be present on the Internet in one way or another in order to reach the public they need. While in the past the creation of web pages was unknown to most people and their design was simple and unfunny, today it is the opposite.

Today, web design is considered an essential part of any company’s marketing strategy, whether large or small; if your online business doesn’t look good enough, customers will just walk away and not invest their time or money in your brand.

This is also true for top law firms in Singapore, and it is just as necessary that their websites look up to date and catch the attention of their customers quickly. Therefore, below we are going to explain 10 essential tips that will help you improve your website design. Take note!

Use the CTA buttons well

One of the first things that any designer must do to make a web page catch the eye is to know how to use the call to action buttons correctly. Filling the front page of a web page with meaningless animations and images will not be as useful as placing two or three CTA buttons strategically so that the potential legal aid client, upon seeing them, quickly focuses his attention on what the company has to offer.

Add your social network links

Today, if you don’t exist on social networks, you don’t exist. Therefore, it is important that we create several profiles in the most important networks of the moment, such as Facebook and Instagram, and that we add attractive links that redirect the user to them quickly.

Personalize the experience

If you want your clients to have a fully personalized experience every time they visit your law firm’s website, the first thing you should avoid is using default resources to design it, but try adding buttons that identify your company’s message.

Make your brand present on all the pages of your website

If you’ve done things right and your website is professionally optimized for SEO, it’s likely that many of your customers won’t be directed to the home page, but to some sub-page of it. 

Therefore, it is important that your company’s branding is present (in a simple and concise way) in all parts of your website, so that the client will always know who owns the information he is reading and will look for the home page if he is really interested.

Add your customers’ reviews

People who search for products and services on the Internet like to see important reviews on company pages that support the professionalism of the place. Therefore, it is always a good idea to use reviews from Google or other platforms for your law firm’s services to be welcomed by new clients who are thinking of hiring your law firm.

Create your own slogan

Advertising experts are clear about one thing: A good slogan is worth a thousand words. This means that another thing you will have to look for thoroughly to make your company work is a unique slogan that perfectly reflects the spirit of your company and immediately attracts the attention of everyone who reads it.

Organize your website in a logical way

It won’t help if your website is well designed, with all sorts of subpages, menus, and full of proper CTA buttons, if you then place it in an inconsistent way that makes it difficult for customers to navigate. 

Remember that it is very important that the presentation of all the contents is fluid, otherwise, the client will end up overwhelmed by not knowing how to find the information they need and you will lose a service.

Renew the idea of the slideshow

The resource of placing at the beginning of the web pages a slide with different content slides is quite obsolete since the reality is that users do not have time, nor patience to stop and read them and all.

That’s why many web design experts recommend replacing this slider with a short video that will attract the attention of customers; they are much more likely to watch a video with music and eye-catching images, rather than static slides.

Highlight the qualities of your staff

People who seek the services of a law firm need real guarantees that those lawyers will know how to handle their case, so it is important to update the biographies of all of them to increase the client’s credibility with the firm.

Use images and text consistently

It is important that a web page has a coherent text, but it is also important that the images that appear accompanying that text are also coherent. In this way, while the client is advanced in the reading of contents and observes the images that we have placed, he will be able to understand better everything that is explained there; the image should enhance the idea of the text, not the other way around.

Now you know, a good redesign of your website in time will guarantee you many new customers and will enhance the virtues of your business. The important thing is to know how to detect when it is the best time to renew our image and use the right tools to achieve it.

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