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13 Kodi repositories you should be avoiding at all costs

If you use Kodi, please be mindful of your repositories.

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Image: Kodi

As you may already know, the year 2017 was not a kind one for many long-standing Kodi repositories. In fact, dozens of these repos vanished completely, never to return. But how did this problem begin in the first place?

The disappearance of Kodi repositories began with an attack on TVAddons. The company was under fire and was subject to two devastating lawsuits from two different countries. These lawsuits would shake up the tech industry, and many developers and other repo operators abandoned their projects out of fear of being the next person in hot water.

Because so many developers left their projects, dedicated users were not able to keep up with what works and what doesn’t. This has become a serious issue for long-term Kodi users and not knowing which repos to use could become a security nightmare.

As Kodi grows in popularity with more people cutting the cord on cable, there are many privacy and security issues that should be considered. Below you will find two scenarios that could become real-world issues for those using Kodi repos.

Two Real-World Security Concerns

  • A Honeypot Sting: During a honeypot sting a repo could be used to offer premium content for free. But in truth, a tracker is being used to record your IP address and then it will be reported to the legitimate rights holder. Honeypot stings are often used by a copyright holder.
  • Hackers Purchase the Domain: The second security concern is when a hacker, or group of hackers, purchases a domain of a depreciated repo and use installations that are active to inject malware into a machine.

Which Kodi Repos Should You Avoid?

After reading the above text, you are probably concerned about your privacy and internet safety. While we can’t possibly list all the repos you should avoid, you will find a list below of some of the ones you should steer clear of.

  • Origin Repository
  • Mucky Duck Repo
  • Ares Wizard
  • Noobs and Nerds
  • Looking Glass
  • DandyMedia Repo
  • Smash Repository
  • SpinzTV
  • Colossus Repository
  • Pulse Blind/Wizard
  • Soulless Repository
  • Alpha Repository
  • UK Turk’s Playlist Repo

While there are some alternative repos that will allow you to view free content, we would never recommend them. By using them, you could find yourself in a lot of trouble with the law.


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