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5 amazing ways IoT is cutting costs for any office

Here’s everything you need to know.

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There’s definitely been a lot of buzz happening surrounding what’s known as the Internet of Things (IOT.) Smart devices large and small, intelligent appliances, and even toys are connecting to the internet. So what exactly is the IoT? And, more importantly, what can IoT devices do to help your office or business?

IoT Explained

As technology advances and the capabilities of electronics get more advanced and smaller, more and more devices are connecting to the internet. This is what forms the basis of IoT. Any device that’s been made to connect to the internet and has the ability to share data is effectively a device in the realm of IoT. This can include anything from a lightbulb to an airplane.

Your company may not need an internet-connected airplane just yet, but if you start to imagine the implications of more and more devices that can be connected to the internet and managed with a computer or smartphone, you can see how certain devices might make your office run smoother or improve your company’s bottom line. IT software is probably needed at a certain point, but here are a few ways you can make IoT work for you today to cut costs in your office.  

Manage Your Lighting with Smart Lightbulbs

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Yes, lightbulbs can get on the internet nowadays. While smart lightbulbs are still a little expensive for the initial investment, there are more than a few ways that these IoT devices can improve your office.

For starters, smart lightbulbs save your business money by learning your office routines and adjusting the lighting accordingly. You won’t need to worry about motion sensors or forgetting to turn the lights out — they’ll handle it on their own.

Use Smart Assistants for Business

You’ve undoubtedly used Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri. But these assistants are generally designed for consumers, and their business application is rather limited. But that’s where Amazon’s Alexa for business comes in. This handy assistant can synchronize with all your other internet-connected devices and effectively manage your workplace for you. It can let you know when printers are running low on particular supplies, remind your employees of meetings, and give status updates for projects that are in the works. And there’s a whole lot more it can do, too.

Use Smart Vacuums to Keep the Office Clean

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If you’re a small business occupying office space, it’s possible you have custodians that come in on a regular basis to keep things nice and clean. This can be a pretty substantial cost to your company, not to mention, having unknown people from another company roaming around your office can be a security risk. So, why not employ a few more robots and fewer janitors?

Companies like Roomba and Eufy have made strides in creating intelligent little vacuum cleaners that will keep your space clean with almost no effort on your part. And since they’re IoT devices, you don’t have to worry about checking them — they’ll let you know if they need to be emptied or maintained.

Save on Utilities with a Smart Thermostat

One of the first successful IoT devices were smart thermostats. And just like they can be used to cut costs at home, they can be installed in your office to optimize your utility bills. They can be used to dynamically control the temperature of your office. They can also be configured to keep certain areas and certain temperatures, so you can save even more by not using energy for places that aren’t used as often. And they can even be controlled with voice assistants too, so you have a seamless experience across your office.

Keep Your Company Caffeinated

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Last but by no means least are smart coffee makers. Coffee brewing in the office is a common task that’s usually shared by your employees. Brewing coffee every day, ensuring the supplies are stocked, and keeping the coffee going is a regular job unto itself. So, you might consider saving your employees a little time by adding some smart coffee makers. They’ll brew automatically, keep tabs on your inventory, and alert you when things are getting low. Never again will your office run out of coffee.

These are just a few of the plethora of ways your office can be improved with internet-connected smart devices. Keep in mind, if you don’t have a dedicated IT staff, you’ll want to put forth a little extra effort to keep your devices updated regularly. IoT devices, like a computer, can be susceptible to compromise. Another good idea would be to create a secondary network for your smart devices to connect to so they’re separate from your office computers. A hacked vacuum cleaner is much more preferable than a hacked company computer.

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