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5 clever productivity tips to consider if you work on a computer

If you spend most of the day working on a computer, it’s critical to stay productive because honestly, it’s really easy to get distracted. Here’s some clever productivity tips to help out.

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Image: Paul Schoff

If you spending a good time in front of your computer, no matter what you think about your productivity, there’s always a room for improvement.

Due to the rapid growth of technology, you can save an ample amount of time spending in front of your PC. Some of these tips may seem simple for you, but as you begin to implement these in your work, you’ll feel the difference. You’ll get jobs done faster than ever. Here are some of the tips, which increase your productivity massively.

Use a clipboard manager

I don’t know why people being aware of clipboard managers, are not using it. I have both a Windows PC and a MacBook Air with me. As a part-time blogger, I use clipboard managers on both of them to save lots of time. I’ve intensively researched some of the best clipboard managers. It turns out to be that Ditto is best for Windows, and Copy ‘em paste is for Mac.

These clipboard managers allow you to keep the history of the stuff that you have copied previously. A keyboard shortcut can be assigned to trigger the clipboard whenever required. The search bar will also be there that helps you search for the text or image you’ve previously copied. With the single click of the mouse button, these apps enable you to paste any of the things you previously copied!

Being accustomed to these clipboard managers, I don’t know how to efficiently manage my online life without these tiny great apps.

Music for productivity

I’m a big skeptic. Previously, although I knew about ambient music and binaural beats that is proven to increase productivity, I resisted using it. Last year, I grabbed the deal running over at the AndroidAuthority for and I decided to give it a shot.

Being an audiophile, I also picked one of the good pair of binaural headphones to increase the effectiveness of the waves.

Lucidsound ls20 headset

Image: Royal Flush Magazine

I was truly fascinated by seeing the extent to which the app helped me to tremendously concentrate on my work. My sleep cycle improved and also my work productivity.

Although the music may take awhile to get used to, I kept on listening, and it boosted my productivity.

Say Goodbye to the newsfeed by Mr. Zuckerberg

Believe me. This thing is a serious time-sucker than any of the things when it comes to online work.

You’ve heard hundreds of times that Facebook is a time sucker.  You don’t realize how much addicted are you to it, unless you leave using it completely for a week or so. No, wonder that social media sites are designed to be addictive so that people keeps on using them.

The whole problem is from the newsfeed feature of Facebook. You keep on scrolling and scrolling, damn there’s no end. You have no idea what time are you wasting by doing this.

If you wish to keep all the features of Facebook intact and say goodbye to the newsfeed, you want to definitely give Newsfeed Eradicator a shot. This great browser extension eradicates the newsfeed and replaces it with a motivational quote which can be of your choice.

Take 5 minutes break every hour

The computer work is like that. Once you get involved in it, you’ll alter the perception of time. Consider yourself getting an app like Tomatoid or make use of Google Timer to remind you to take break every hour or so.

Taking breaks may seem like a waste of time. But, it’s needed for your brain to reorganize its data and let go of all the perception filters that are slowing down your work. Taking breaks and perhaps practicing mindfulness in those breaks, activates “keep-it-simple-stupid” part of your brain.

It also helps you to de-stress your eyes. Just move away from your screen and watch something in distance (perhaps birds flying)?

If you struggle hard to get up every hour, drink lots of water. It’ll force you to get up every hour or so, added to that; water is good for health.

It simply works. There’s no doubt about it.

Learn typing

I’m sure that there’s a good amount of writing involved if you work on PC. Learning typing rather than peek and type helps you save lots of time.

You can be a good typist within a month or so, with the help of good apps like TypingClub to get started. It may be hard for you to get started. Force yourself to devote at least an hour to learn typing every day. You’ll feel the difference within 15 days or so.

It’s such a huge productivity booster. Learn typing once, it’ll be with you for the rest of your life.

That’s it

These are some of the top 20% of the tips that lead to 80% of increased productivity when working online. You found it very easy to read this article, but implementing the tips that I’ve presented to you is important. Force yourself to follow these productivity tips in your work, and notice the difference in your productivity.

Hi, I’m Paul Schoff. I’m a technophile and an audiophile from Detroit. You can see me spending time in my closet composing tracks. I’m also a part-time blogger who love to learn new things like a curious kid.

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