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5 ways to market your business

In order for your marketing to be successful, it helps to mix things up a bit rather than playing it safe. From

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It doesn’t matter how good your products or services are if nobody knows you exist. The success of any business hinges on a solid marketing plan. It’s not enough to rely on existing custom either, especially if you want to continue to grow your company. 

Whether you hire a marketing agency to do all the legwork for you or go it alone – here are 5 ways to market your business to give you food for thought. 

Your Website

So much untapped potential lies in every website, especially if it’s been some time since yours was designed. First and foremost, the content should feature plenty of keywords that directly relate to your business, such as ‘plumbers in London’. Both your service and the location can help you spread the word about your company, especially when you feature it heavily on each page. 

Make sure you offer plenty of opportunities for people to share and interact with your content, as well as contact you too. This means making social media icons visible, and including contact or booking forms where applicable. Add CTAs (call to action) such as ‘contact us for a free quote’ to lead people onto the next step of the process. 

Social Media

Every business should have a social media content marketing plan. Ideally, you will have a business account set up across all the major platforms that correspond with your audience. This usually includes the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Though if your demographics are a little younger, you may wish to throw in Tik Tok, Snapchat or Pinterest into the mix too. Find Social Media Marketing near me

Schedule a post to go out at least once a day across each feed. Make the content relevant to your industry, and throw in a few engagement posts too. Be sure to interact with your followers, which will expand your reach and individual post engagement even further. Monitor the stats regularly and hone in on what your audience best responds to. 

Traditional Print Advertising

It’s so easy to overlook traditional print advertising in the digital age. But, sometimes it’s more suitable when factoring in your business objectives or customer demographics. Plus, it gives you the advantage of being able to advertise both online and in the flesh, which can help to get your name out there. Find professional services near me

The likes of leaflets, posters, brochures, business cards and signage are excellent ways to market your business in print, especially if you are trying to grow your local reach. The key of course is to consider the design and messaging so that everything looks professional and on point. 

Influencer Marketing

If you sell products or services it can be beneficial to get bloggers or vloggers on board. Influencer marketing is usually done in the form of sponsored social media or blog posts. Or sponsored YouTube videos. If the person fits your brand aesthetic or has a large audience this tactic can pay off. 

Some bloggers will charge for a sponsored post, and others may feature products you have sent them for free at their own discretion. If you really want a particular influencer to work with you, it’s worth contacting them directly to set something up. 

Video Marketing

A recent survey found that 88% of those who use video marketing are happy with their ROI. Video is a fantastic way to introduce your brand, not least because the video can be posted on YouTube, your website, and on social media too. Just one video has the power to bring in new leads for years to come after you post it, so this form of marketing is well worth embracing.

Start with thinking of the most common questions your customers ask you. Or the most popular services you offer. Give people an explanation or a behind-the-scenes look. Make the videos engaging and shoot them in good lighting and clear audio for the best user experience. Title them up with SEO-friendly wording and your reach will shoot up in no time. 

To Sum Up

In order for your marketing to be successful, it helps to mix things up a bit rather than playing it safe. From making sure your website design is up to scratch to perfecting your social media marketing, there are a lot of tools at your fingertips. 

If in doubt, it always pays to consult a professional in the form of a marketing agency. That way you’ll have access to not only the latest techniques but the best creative brains in the industry too.

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