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9 creative ways to use social media videos in 2023

Delivering fresh and engaging content to your audience can be challenging without a social video strategy.

Content creator making a social media video
Image: Pexels

If you are starting as a content creator or influencer, keeping your audience engaged is your bread and butter. But coming up with new content ideas every day can be challenging.

It is worth making an effort because videos can drive engagement and conversions.

How can you keep things interesting? Here are the eight best ways to use social media videos in your strategy. 

Teach something with how-to videos

Learning through videos is easier than via other formats. If you tried to learn something quickly online, you most likely found a video tutorial on YouTube or any other video-sharing platform.

A video on how to knit a hat is easier to follow than an article with the steps and stitches. 

If you know something interesting to explain to others, it may be worth exploring this opportunity to demonstrate how to do it.

Create tutorials, explainers, and how-to videos that solve your audience’s issues. 

Tell relatable stories

content creator sitting down recording her self with her phone
Image: Unsplash

You can use social media videos that tell stories your audience can relate to. What should you talk about?

Center your story about your brand, but it should address a pain point your audience has.

For instance, you could showcase client stories or partner with another brand to tell stories of your initiatives. 

Show interesting places 

Even if you don’t have a travel vlog, you can use a social video app to show videos of local stories, events, and your neighborhood’s hidden gems.

Short videos are an excellent way of showing your audience around that new coffee shop you found or that tasty dish you are having on a beach promenade.

For a content creator or influencer, it is a great opportunity to partner with local businesses and boosts their social exposure. 

Answer some questions

woman recording herself for social media videos
Image: Pexels

Here you can make two types of videos, interviews or Q&A. In an interview, you can feature a partner brand, another content creator, or someone of interest to your audience.

Keep interviews light, short, and with a common theme. While you can prepare the questions list, asking your audience questions before the interview would be better. 

Make an announcement and gather your audience’s questions on your social media channel. Then filter and vet those questions before presenting them to your guest. 

You can also have a Q&A session with your audience; an “ask me anything” live session where you can ask their questions.

You can have it live, but you can also pre-record the session. Like the interview, keep it casual and informative. 

Promote an event 

Images and text posts aren’t always enough to trigger your audience’s FOMO. Videos can show what they’ll miss if they do not attend the event.

Broadcasting live has advantages, but one can tire of watching a full-length video.

Instead, show teaser videos with pieces of the event to give people a glimpse of what it is like there. 

Reveal something new

Content creator creating a social media video of vegetables
Image: Pexels

Announcements and reveals can work when promoting exciting offers or deals.

Making an initial announcement in a video, with catchy graphics and music, can create anticipation for sale.

Use social media to update your followers with your latest products or features. A quarter of social media consumers like to see posts showcasing new products or services. 

Launch a challenge 

A challenge can be a dance, a trick, or a joke. Ask your audience to record themselves, take your challenge, tag you in the post, and ask others to try.

These videos will likely become viral, particularly on growing platforms or apps. They can spread quickly if you use a popular dance track as audio or a catchy hashtag.

You can also launch a challenge to support your favorite social cause and raise awareness. 

Go live

person recording himself with a camera on the beach
Image: Unsplash

Live broadcasts are videos featuring a conversation, performance, or event shown live on the internet. You can report an event, an experience, an interview, or make an announcement.

All major social media platforms have live streaming options now, so it has become more popular

A live broadcast can create more direct relationships with viewers, boost audience engagement, and expand brand recognition. 

Do a review

These videos feature creators trying a new product that can interest their audience. You can make the review yourself or bring experts to give their opinion on a product.

Brands often offer creators new products to review. The catch? The brand will always look for a favorable review.

Unboxing videos, where the creator unwraps the product from its packaging, are pretty popular, and they may include a review of the product itself or not. 

The takeaway  

Delivering fresh and engaging content to your audience can be challenging without a social video strategy.

Plan beforehand the combination of formats that’ll work best for your audience, your brand, and your marketing campaign. Hopefully, these social video ideas can help shape your plan and get you started. 

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