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Best sleep technology coming in 2020

2020 is an exciting year for sleep technology.

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Getting a good night’s sleep can have an impact on every component of your life. It impacts how well you’re able to focus at work, how much patience you have with your loved ones, and how much energy you have as you move about your day. 

Fortunately, technology is helping to improve the way we sleep. Check out some of the best sleep technology coming in 2020

Smart Nora

This is one of the most innovative ways to deal with snoring that has hit the market in quite some time. It’s the only non-invasive method to deal with snoring. How many times have you nudged your partner because they’re snoring? Well, now the Smart Nora can do it for you. 

Using sound technology, the Smart Nora is inserted into your pillowcase. When it detects snoring, it will activate a gentle motion that helps loosen the neck and throat muscles. This relaxes the person’s airways, alleviating the snoring. This is the technology many of us have been waiting for.


There’s nothing more miserable than trying to sleep in a hot room. You can turn your pillow over as many times as you’d like, but it’s never going to provide the kind of relief you’re looking for. This is where the Ooler comes in. It helps regulate your temperature, so you get a cooler night’s sleep. 

This mattress pad-like sleep technology features latex tubes of water. They can be heated or cooled, depending on your preferred temperature. You can even choose to fall asleep at a cooler temperature and wake up at a warmer one. The device is excellent for back pain and includes a “we” option so that couples can each be in control of the temperature on their side of the mattress. 

Amerisleep AS2 Bed

In a study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information reported that 82% of patients with chronic lower-back paid saw reductions in pain after sleeping on medium-firm mattresses. This is exactly who Amerisleep had in mind when they developed the AS2 bed. 

The AS2 mattress is made out of memory foam are specifically designed to provide support, no matter the position of the sleeper, by distributing the bodyweight evenly. When you couple this with an adjustable bed, the results are even more dramatic. Business Insider even rated the Amerisleep AS2 as “the best mattress for back pain.” 

The Somnox Sleep Robot

Imagine sleeping next to a bean-shaped, robotic sleep device that can mimic a person’s breath. That’s how far technology has come. You can actually have an “ultimate sleep companion” whose sole purpose is to help you get a better night’s sleep.

Somnox also features audio sounds that can help you fall fast asleep. Its ergonomic style can guide you in cognitive breathing exercises that will help release the stress and anxiety you have built up over the day. The result is a calm, restful night that will leave you feeling rejuvenated in the morning.

Dreamlight Pro

One of the biggest struggles people face when they’re trying to sleep is excess light. It can be incredibly distracting when you’re trying to quiet your mind and get some rest. Fortunately, there’s the Dreamlight Pro, which is designed to eliminate 100% of external light. That’s not all, though. 

This sleep gadget has embedded speakers that can provide an audio accompaniment. It offers vocal hypnosis therapy, meditation sounds, and binaural beats. It can also track your movement, heart rate, and breathing patterns. It’s more than just a sleep aid. It’s great for people who suffer from anxiety and need some help relaxing before bedtime. 

2020 is an exciting year for sleep technology. With sleep gadgets that are best suited for your needs, you’re sure to have that perfect night’s sleep you have been searching for.  

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