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The best sports games on Nintendo Switch

Whether you’re looking for a fun pass time or trying to find a new way of hanging out with your mates, there’s a Nintendo Switch game for everyone. 

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With almost every sport you can imagine, a Nintendo Switch is an excellent socially-distanced alternative to the regular sporting tournaments we all know. You’re no longer a spectator watching from the sidelines; it’s time for you to suit up and get involved in the field, pitch, or court. 

Escape reality with your avatar and challenge your friends to an online dual using one of these top-rated sports games for a Nintendo Switch. Let’s look at what’s available right now. 

NBA 2K 19

For Basketball fans, there’s plenty of NBA games out there, but NBA 2K19 is definitely the best for Nintendo Switch. It’s the perfect way to live out the dream of playing in your role models shoes. With smooth and easy gameplay, you’ll quickly get the hang of how this game works, and soon enough, you’ll figure out your style and learn a few tricks to help you win. 

This game allows for tons of customization and will require some strategic thinking and maneuvering. Those familiar with the NBA 2K franchise will be pleasantly surprised with the latest edition and will have plenty of new skills and updates to sink their teeth into.

Mario Tennis Aces

One of the top-rated, possibly the number one Nintendo Switch sports game, is Mario Tennis Aces. It enables players to customize the game and choose from various fun avatars. 

Whether you fancy yourself a Princess Peach or would instead go the more traditional Mario or Luigi route, there’s a character for everyone. If you like to play dirty, we’d recommend choosing Bowser, but if you’re one for a more skillful game, Boo is the one for you. 

Select single player, multiplayer, or adventure mode and play tournaments against your friends, all from the safety and comfort of your own home. Stream it online to the TV for more family fun. 

Football Manager Touch

For those looking to refresh their sporting brains and use a bit of strategic thinking, Football Manager Touch will provide you with just that. You’ll have access to over 100 different leagues and 51 countries to choose from – meaning that the possibilities are truly endless. 

The set up might sound a bit overwhelming, but the game comes with helpful tutorials and tips to help you along the way. Teach your team tactics and set training times to ensure the success of your representatives in their leagues. 

The game is highly customizable from training techniques to team players; you’ll be able to ensure the success of your team or be their eventual downfall. No pressure, just a bit of fun, that’s all.

Fitness Boxing

If you’re looking to stay active but have some fun on your Switch, then Fitness Boxing is a definite must. This game will help get your heart rate up and tone your arms, all while you’re having some serious fun. 

With songs that we all know and love, you’ll soon find your rhythm and time your jabs and uppercuts in time with the beat. The gameplay is simple: follow along with your chosen avatar on the screen and score according to how well you execute specific moves. 

The game mainly focuses on the correct form and movement, so you’ll be sure to work up a sweat as you go along. Don’t worry; you’ll have a personal trainer in the game to correct your stance and give advice. Make sure you’re wearing some lightweight gym clothes – you’ll need it.


For all the soccer fans out there, you will be familiar with FIFA 20. FIFA 20 is by far the most well-known and top-rated soccer game there is. With improved graphics and gameplay from the 2019 edition, this latest edition will have fans drooling as they marvel at the fluid movement and display of sweat drops on the player’s foreheads. 

Play against your friends or enemies and show them who’s boss with the online tournaments and matches. With the latest updates, players will have to keep a keen eye on their opponents and keep their reflexes sharp as the game has upped the ante with the updated physics. 

It’s not just sports that play well on Nintendo Switch. If you’re looking for something less sweaty, then look no further.

A Short Hike

A Short Hike offers a streamlined exploration as a young bird-person called Claire tries to scale a mountain range on a small island.

If you work at it, you can get through the game in an afternoon. There’s plenty to be said for taking it slow through the island’s various coves, hills, tunnels, and fun collectibles. The game is filled with cute, ironic encounters with its medley cast of animals – from enthusiastic rabbits to seagull speed boat captains.

A Short Hike’s central mechanic is brilliant; you set out to collect golden feathers to increase the height you can flap your wings. There’s just enough complexity in the number of items available to make the journey varied. The final moments gliding down from the mountaintop make this a cute and funny adventure designed to aid stress relief.

So whether you’re looking for some solid fun or want to uncover your competitive side after a few months of hibernation, Nintendo Switch has a game just waiting to be played by you. 

With significant improvements across all games to graphics, physics, gameplay, and customization abilities, there has never been a better time to invest in a Nintendo Switch and unleash your inner Olympian. 

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