Charge your devices faster with these insanely discounted chargers – both under $5

We have two exclusive deals to get your devices charged up faster.

Having to wait for you smartphone to charge sucks. Depending on what device you have, it can take a couple of hours, and in today’s age, nobody has time for that. So to boost up charging times, we have some goodies for you courtesy of BC Master.

Today, we’re featuring two exclusive deals to KnowTechie readers that should boost up charging times. The first, a universal 2.0 USB car charger for $7.99. If you type in code FXV8PIYZ at checkout, you’ll save 50% off the sticker price. Not a bad deal

The second is this quick charge wall charger which sells for $9.99. Type in this discount code RALSGHG9 and you’ll get it for $5. Defentially the cheapest price we’ve seen for this sort of thing.

BC Master Universal 1-Port QC 2.0 USB Car Charger Adapter for Smartphones (Wireless Phone Accessory)

List Price: $7.99 USD
New From: $7.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

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