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Essential software for real estate offices

Here are just a few of the most essential packages that can deliver tangible benefits for your business.

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Keeping a real estate office running like clockwork requires the right software, and there are lots of appealing solutions to consider in the digital era.

To help you narrow down your options, here are just a few of the most essential packages that can deliver tangible benefits for your business.

Paperless Pipeline

Helming high-value real estate transactions is an innately challenging task. From keeping track of all the important paperwork to making sure that deadlines are met, realtors need to be on the ball to avoid issues, and this can monopolize a lot of your time and brainpower.

Thankfully Paperless Pipeline is an impressive piece of real estate transaction management software that is built for everyone from brokers and teams to solo agents and coordinators alike.

It not only automates many aspects of transactions but also makes it a breeze to manage commissions, take care of reporting and customize the experience around your own needs. You can also easily audit transactions on the fly and make use of this software in combination with other compatible apps to achieve even greater levels of productivity.

The software is arguably more secure than other cloud options such as Google Drive and Dropbox, which is important as we’re often dealing with highly confidential information in this industry,” commented Ruban Selvanayagam of auction house Property Solvers.


Being able to quickly edit images and make them suitable not only for sharing on listings sites but also on social media is something every real estate organization needs to achieve today. While you could use a fully-featured solution like Photoshop, this may be a little excessive in many cases. That is where Canva comes into its own, providing a lightweight, web-based suite of image editing tools that are eminently user-friendly and yet surprisingly flexible.

In addition to working with your own images, you can choose from a plethora of stock photographs and also leverage fonts, graphics, illustrations and other add-ons with ease whether you are using a smartphone or a desktop PC.

Since Canva is free to use in its basic form, with a premium version available for those who want to make the most out of the software, it is worth experimenting with as you do not need to commit until you have found your feet.


Slack has become the go-to messaging platform for a multitude of businesses and industries, since it offers a holistic approach to inter-office communication and allows colleagues to collaborate with one another more efficiently and cohesively.

As well as being great as a standalone IM solution, Slack also benefits from its impressive integration with a wealth of other oft-used business software platforms. Everything from Google Drive to Dropbox and beyond can be leveraged in combination with this service, making it much more straightforward to share files and work together on projects, no matter where you happen to be.

As with all the best business-oriented software solutions, Slack can also be experienced without requiring any payment upfront. If you only have a small team, you can effectively use it free of charge indefinitely, and pricing for medium and large size organizations is competitive, giving you plenty of flexibility.

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