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Game Seer Venture Partners, why “cash is better with a brain”

Game Seer Venture Partner is a company that focuses on one of the biggest issues of the gaming industry.

game seer ventures
Image: Game Seer Ventures

Technology has constantly been evolving from the very moment it was created. From basic tools to heavily digitalized equipment, today, the world we live in is run on advancements that were once not even thought possible. 

When the idea of technology was initiated, the aim was to create conveniences for people, and to this very day, technological advancements have been proving to be quite successful. Regardless of the field, technology has eased its way everywhere, from business to education, shopping, and entertainment. 

As the world is being pushed towards a digital revolution, more and more people are finding ways to entertain themselves online. TV series, movies, and especially games have been entertaining kids and adults alike.

One of the fastest-growing fields today is video gaming. Like everything else, the gaming industry, is too, undergoing a significant evolution. From computer games to the first version of Nintendo and Attari, a combination of sounds and pixels has given rise to a new era where video games seem more lifelike than ever. 

Since the demands of gamers are consistently changing, there is a need to develop new and modified games to meet their entertainment expectations. Of course, game development is no walk in the park, and there are lots of problems that come with this complex process, the main being funding.

It is companies like Game Seer Ventures Partners that is incessantly gathering funds to help developers create games, addressing the door-to-door visiting problem to collect investments. The company was established especially to change things for intelligent developers.

The company story

Game Seer Ventures Partners is not just a company of investors. Before the idea of starting up a company to help other games struck the minds of Vernizeau Bertrand and Mikel, they were die-hard gamers. 

Prior to the formation of Game Seer Ventures Partners, Vernizeau Bertrand and Mikel spent elaborate hours in their basement playing video games every day. What started as just a teenage obsession became a professional choice. 

Of course, being gamers themselves, they were compelled to hit the markets and play new games. While playing together, Bertrand and Mikel came upon the realization that the gaming industry required unique and innovative games. As the conversation prolonged, they both recognized the underlying problem in the development of games- funding and investments. Bertrand and Mikel realized that a hundred games were unable to reach the development phase due to a lack of monetary resources. 

Fired up with the passion for helping fellow gamers bring something new to the gaming industry, Mikel founded Game Seer Venture Partners on July 5th, 2019, with its headquarters in Aschaffenburg, Germany. He invited his gaming buddies to join his team. Vernizeau Bertrand became the CEO and investment partner of the company.

The company’s target developers are console gamers, and it aims to distribute the funding among PC and game console gamers. 

The first game that the company invested in was The Waylanders, a party-based PC fantasy role. The game was developed by Spanish studio, Gato Salvaje. 

Today, the company has acquired total funding of $11.1 million, which it is ready to distribute among gamers who are looking for funds to develop their games. 

On January 29, 2020, Gamer Seer invested in its second game, Aragami 2, a sequel to the critically acclaimed action-adventure stealth game Aragami.

The two other games the company has invested in are Away: The Survival Series and Sword of the Necromancer. Each game is unique and gives players an inside to a new world and moves.

When asked about why the company does not have plans to invest in virtual and augmented reality games, there was not much that the team at Game Seer revealed. The CEO explained:

“Neither virtual nor augmented reality technology has proven its financial viability beyond the early success of Oculus. That strategy seems sound given the difficulties that Facebook has faced in capitalizing on its 2014 purchase of the VR console maker.”

Game Seer Venture Partner is a company that focuses on one of the biggest issues of the gaming industry. Its efforts to bring new games to the industry are being appreciated by gamers across the world!

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